Nordic diet for weight loss menu

The diet is based on the principles of healthy eating. Her menu consists of products containing the required amount of vitamins and minerals.

The included Northern berries and vegetables, most of all, it is suitable for fans of meat than fish.

It is necessary to observe moderation in food. It is not necessary to go hungry but overeating is not worth it. It is best to eat a fractional, 5 times a day. The serving size should be no more than 200-250 g.

Preference is given to dishes that are prepared at home. They can be baked or boiled. You should also include soups and salads from fresh vegetables. Seasoning for dishes it is better to use a variety of dried herbs, lemon juice, capers, mustard, horseradish.

Menu Scandinavian diet was created as an alternative to the Mediterranean diet. After all, the inhabitants of Northern countries are difficult to eat foods that are widespread in the southern regions.

Menu Scandianis diet

Therefore the Nordic power system was adapted to the conditions of the North and found a huge number of his admirers. They like came diet and products included in the menu.

The basic rules of the diet

Menu Scandinavian diet is based on the following principles:

  • Food to take fractional, at least 5 times a day. At night you can use dairy products with reduced content of fat.
  • Exclude from the diet fried, spicy, salty, smoked and junk food. Limit baking products made with white flour and sweets.
  • Completely eliminated the pasta, because they spoil the waist.
  • The diet must contain a lot of vitamins. Heat treatment to spend the minimum amount of time. Fruits and vegetables are best consumed fresh.
  • All the dishes to cook at home. After such a meal is most helpful.
  • It is better to use vegetable oil than butter.
  • To reduce the amount of salt consumed. Add to the cooking natural herb and spices. Use herbs, spices and salt in small quantities.
  • Do not drink soda, Cola and other similar drinks. It is best to drink natural juices and water without gas.
  • In the menu to not include citrus fruits, bananas and grapes.

On the basis of these principles, you can cook really healthy food and gradually lose weight.

Permitted foods of the Nordic diet

The diet is fish and seafood, but only their power is not limited.

The diet includes berries, cereal, and dairy products. The main principles of the diet include:

  1. The bulk of the meals must be prepared by the method of baking. Because this food is very useful.
  2. The diet should be a large number of fish and seafood. In diet one of the main places should be meat. Special product of the Scandinavian diet is venison, but in the absence of her replacement rabbit or Turkey.
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  4. Dairy products should be included in menus every day. Intolerance of milk is best to drink kefir or yogurt. The fat content shall be not more than 1.5%.
  5. The diet should include fresh berries. They are able to raise immunity and to saturate the body with vitamins. In winter you can use frozen berries because they retain up to 75% of useful qualities.
  6. A preference for carrots, beets, cabbage, pumpkin and lettuce.
  7. You can use the mushrooms for cooking.
  8. 30 % of the diet should consist of cereals. Whole grain bread, cereal and different types of cereals. Portions should be small, because the main goal of the diet is weight loss.
  9. To use for cooking it is best to canola oil, but olive, sesame, flax and pumpkin.

Thus formed healthy eating habits, which improve the functioning of the digestive tract and support an active metabolism.

Specific menu in the Scandinavian diet for every day not exist, it is possible to make independently, on the basis of permitted products and subject to personal preference. To be on it for a long time, until you stabilize the weight.

Diet menu for 1 day

Menu Scandinavian diet for every day includes:

  • Breakfast. Any porridge with added berries. As choices: cottage cheese or scrambled eggs for a couple.
  • The second Breakfast. A piece of bread with cheese or lean meat.
  • Lunch. Soup cooked in no fat broth. Mushroom or vegetable side dish with baked fish or meat. Salad vegetables.
  • An afternoon snack. Dessert made with berries or fruit. Alternatively use Jell-o, puddings and mousses.
  • Dinner. A dish of fish and seafood with fresh vegetables.

If hunger does not sleep, it is necessary to drink non-fat kefir or yogurt.

In the period of the diet you can drink without restrictions water and green tea. Berries, if not fresh, then you can use fresh of frozen.

Diet menu for 7 days

Menu Scandinavian diet for a week include several options of meal of the day. According to nutritionists, the diet must be present fish and meat. As for the other products, the menu may change depending on the season, and to provide the necessary nutritional calories.

Post meridiem tea et laborum

Breakfast can include the following dishes:

  1. Oatmeal, boiled in milk 1.5% fat. You can add berries or nuts.
  2. Low-fat cottage cheese with berries.
  3. Muesli with yoghurt or kefir.
  4. Scrambled eggs with greens. It can be prepared in the oven or in a pan without using fat.

Lunch and dinner can be used in the following dishes:

  1. Vegetable chicken soup.
  2. Ear made from lean fish.
  3. The baked fish.
  4. Boiled vegetables.
  5. The pea puree.
  6. Stewed beans.

All dishes are advised to add vegetable salad.

Afternoon tea and snacks:

  1. Cottage cheese with berries.
  2. Baked apples.
  3. Kefir, yogurt .

At night when there is hunger, it is recommended to drink a glass of low-fat yogurt or yogurt.

The main advantages of the diet

The Scandinavian diet is recognized by doctors healthy diet. It has many advantages and is well reflected on the health of the skin. Diet, thanks to the products within it, rich:

  • fiber, which normalizes the process of digestion in the body;
  • fatty acids that positively affect the nervous and cardiovascular systems;
  • antioxidants that slow the aging process in the body;
  • proteins that promote lean body mass.

The Scandinavian diet does not require much effort from you to lose weight. It allows you to enjoy food from the allowed list of products to choose the most preferred.

Advantages of the diet

Nordic diet for weight loss if all of the recommendations of the recovery of the body and improve metabolism.

The use of diet has a huge advantage. The main advantages include:

  • Fish, seafood, cottage cheese - great source of protein, which helps to easily restore the cells.
  • A large amount of unsaturated fats has beneficial effects on the heart and blood vessels.
  • At the expense of dairy products is replenishing the body's in animal fats.
  • The amount of carbohydrates is minimized.
  • Minimum thermal processing of the food allows you to keep the products in fiber. It has a positive effect on the work of the digestive tract.
  • The required amount of sugar the body receives through the consumption of berries and fruits. They contain antioxidants that prevent premature aging.
  • Weight loss is smooth, without the feeling of hunger.
  • Improves the metabolism.
  • To lose weight feels comfortable and can eat a variety of foods.

For further normalization of the weight is necessary to maintain a balance between foods containing proteins and carbohydrates. Such a menu does not act as a short-term diet but a long lasting power supply system. It will completely change their lifestyle and improve their health.

Disadvantages diet

Scandinavian diet every day special contraindications does not possess. It is not suitable:

  • people suffering from allergic to fish and seafood;
  • vegetarians, because the protein sources in this diet supports fish and meat.

Best of all this diet is suitable in the winter time and in summer you can use the Greek diet for weight loss. In this case, the body losing weight will get a double benefit.

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Diet result

Many nutritionists fully approve of such a power supply system. After all, it's totally safe and allows you to gradually get rid of excess body weight.

For reviews, Nordic diet for weight loss in 30 days get rid of 3-4 kg of excess weight. If you want to reduce your weight by 10 kg or more, it will not happen earlier than 6 months.

Despite the minimal number of lost pounds, this weight loss does not cause any harm to the body and prevents their re-entry.

After a diet it is necessary gradually to withdraw from it and not to eat prohibited foods and products.


Diet-Scandinavian - a special diet that not only helps to get rid of excess weight, but also to reduce the symptoms of various diseases (arthritis, rheumatism). The result is a decrease in body weight, activates the metabolism and improves the condition of the skin. Diet approved by a dietician and is for the body only benefits.

The Nordic diet was developed for the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, but owing to its affordability is widespread worldwide.