Walking for weight loss and lose Weight with walk

Unfortunately, we are all different and we move differently. Some people move a lot, walk a lot, walk before bedtime, and others, on the contrary, lead a sedentary lifestyle, consume a lot of calories, and then wonder, saying, what are all those rounded places on the body extra pounds and fats. Although, by nature was originally pledged to the people during the movement consumed more calories than was received with food. Hunting, farming, fishing, cattle – all of it was obliged to move and, therefore, to be in shape. And, in today's world, you can see the picture opposite. Office work at the computer, move the transport up in the Elevator, talk to friends and family via computer or mobile phone and practically not moving.

Motus vita est

However, there is a simple but reliable way to "burn" those extra pounds with daily walking. Yes, indeed, the usual thirty minute walk and calories burned, and supports all the muscles of our body in good shape, besides prolongs life by about two years. The benefits of walk we all know firsthand. Regular walking improves the function of blood vessels, normalization of blood pressure, go away the extra pounds, and with them, reduced the level of blood cholesterol, normal insulin production, immunity, and besides, when walking strengthens bones, normalizes metabolism, improves sleep and health in General.

Of course, not all of us can be outstanding athletes. But each of us can perform a certain amount of physical exercise that will help you to stay in good shape. This distribution includes a fifteen minute one-minute exercises (for example, steps in place), walking to and from work – thirty minutes in both directions, and the thirty-minute walk before bed in the fresh air. Daily walking for weight loss helpful, as well as helps to tone all muscle groups of the body. No wonder those of us who prefer to walk, say the vigor, the freshness, the rush of energy after each outing.

Also, the followers of the diet when walking, in addition to getting rid of extra pounds has been an improvement in the blood supply to the tissues, increased blood flow, as a result of improved cell nutrition, and breathing become more deep and rhythmic. Those of us who daily walks a long distance, there is an improvement in the movement and Soko separator of activity of a stomach, starts to work more energetic peristalsis, and who have problems with constipation, regular Hiking in combination with a balanced diet, help them easy to forget.

The main principles of losing weight while walking

  • To weight loss walking to be effective and you really started to drop those extra pounds, in that case, you will have every day to make about ten thousand steps.
  • And for those who simply want to preserve the shape daily will be enough to do about two thousand steps, provided that you don't consume more than 2400 calories a day.
  • I decided to try the technique? Then start with small walks, increasing the distance weekly two or three hundred steps.
  • There are difficulties in counting steps? Then buy step metri (this is a device which counts the number of steps when walking or running, and also will calculate calories burned). Using them is easy and it takes a little space, for example, can fit in your hand or pocket.
  • Remember that the more active and faster paced walk, the more energy you use up, and with it the extra pounds.
  • While walking you can listen to music, repeat positive statements and affirmations like "every day I get slimmer! The extra pounds are gone forever!".
  • Try as much as possible to walk. Give up the Elevator, replace it with Hiking the stairs. And walk for weight loss, as weight loss walking should become the norm, and not one temporary in your life. Remember to lose weight while walking, should be systematically and regularly to pass certain distance. A casual stroll will be of little use and will not give a stable effect.
  • Once you get used to walking for a long time and regularly, you can go to the faster or sports walking.

Effective types of walking for weight loss

One of the most effective types of walking for weight loss is walking. Thanks to its methodology (need to go at a fast pace, small but frequent steps, like go in a straight line), the body begins to burn large amounts of calories and fat accumulations, besides regular practice of Nordic walking will help you to find elastic berries, press and taut leg muscles. During walking the arms should be slightly bent.

Walking with weights for weight loss is one of the most effective methods. For this, the hands need to take dumbbells and try to move as much as possible, while throwing out forward at shoulder level left hand, exposing his right leg. Beginners should go with the weights only half the distance, in this case, the weights should not weigh more than a kilogram. But before you practice walking with weights for weight loss, you should consult with your doctor.

To lose weight with walk away while walking back forward. This option is suitable especially for those who want to strengthen gluteus, calf muscles and the thighs, but the muscles of the back, to make the posture beautiful, almost Royal. Find a flat surface, pull your stomach and put your hands on the waist, straighten your back and... start to move. Do it at a slow pace, gradually accelerating.

Excellent strengthens the back muscles and the front surface of the buttocks, thighs and calf muscles, and also helps to lose weight walking up or walking over rocky terrain. You can climb up the stairs, go uphill or go on special simulators. Watch breathing and pulse rate.

Recommendations to help you lose weight with walk

  • Try as often as possible to walk, to move more and sit less!
  • To lose weight with walk, it was nice – looking for like-minded people.
  • Keep the motivation. Write on paper your ideal weight and try to do everything that the goal has been achieved.
  • Those of us who lost weight with the help walk, argue that the most difficult was to refuse transport to Wake up early to start the morning with Hiking.
  • Increase the daily duration of Hiking for a few minutes. Walk every day. If not the weather, then March home.
  • To begin to lose weight with the help walk, no need to buy any special equipment. Go and lose more weight!
  • Consilia ad auxilium vobis amittere pondus ambulare cum
  • It is best to lose weight with walking outdoors. The effectiveness of the method can be strengthened if, every day, besides walking to do massage in the area of problem areas, RUB the slimming cream and wear thermal underwear.
  • Don't forget to drink up to eight glasses of water. Yes, plain purified water, but, best of all, it was the structured water.
  • Start Hiking, you must twenty-five minutes a day and gradually increasing the time.
  • Remember that the most favorable bio rhythm for burning calories with walking is the early time of the day.
  • Try to reduce or eliminate the consumption of sugar, bakery products, pastries, fatty (especially harmful margarine!), and also to reduce salt intake. Only by observing these conditions, you can throw up to six kilograms per month. If a balanced diet to connect with walk for weight loss, the effect will be much higher, the body will remain fit and maintain muscle tone.
  • For walking select the right shoes. Be sure to buy a comfortable shoes for long walks. Uncomfortable shoes with high heels – should be excluded, as the trip should trigger only positive emotions, otherwise, you will not hold the motivation to throw quickly and to walk.
  • Start practice walking on flat terrain. While you walk monitor your heart rhythm, pulse and breathing. If you notice rapid breathing, you must stop and rest. When getting rid of a few pounds, maybe that will get rid of shortness of breath.
  • Before you go out for a walk, be sure to consider your wardrobe. It should consist of pairs of layers of clothing. For example, under a sports jacket you can wear a t-shirt (preferably from natural fabrics). And when to warm up, then you can take a sports jacket and tie it at the waist.
  • It is best to choose socks made of cotton fabrics which are breathable and will not cause unpleasant foot odor.
  • Don't forget that the clothes should fit the weather.
  • There are plenty of methods to effectively lose weight through breath. Very good results can be achieved if after a day of Hiking to perform daily breathing exercises, for example, of the complex "Body Flex" or "Hydroxy beds", and also some exercises of yoga which is also based on breathing exercises. In this case, extra fat on waist, belly, thighs and buttocks, would literally melt before our eyes.
  • If you haven't mastered the breathing exercises, in this case, after a day of Hiking, do some exercise to help you stay in shape.
  • Always start walking for weight loss in a slow tempo, gradually speed up the rhythm. Thus, first, just slowly walk, then, walk on heel and toes, in short, help "Wake up" your body. Then, move on to the higher load.
  • Hiking is best done after a light Breakfast in the morning (more intensively), and in the evening before going to sleep (at a slow pace, preferably by performing breathing exercises).
  • Be sure to breath with the rhythm of the movement. Breathe through your nose. A more active walk at the same time is allowed to breathe through the nose and mouth, most importantly, to avoid shortness of breath. When the cold and the wind and in polluted air, it is desirable to inhale the the nose and exhale through the mouth.
  • While walking, imagine that your feet is a kind of ball, which rolls smoothly from heel to toe.
  • Don't forget to count the pulse. To find out your ideal heart rate, use the following formula in which the upper bound will be equal to two hundred and twenty minus your age and minus fifty, while the lower limit pulse is equal to two hundred and twenty minus your age and minus fifty-five. If you have raised or lowered the pulse, and palpitations, be sure to inform your doctor.
  • Always finish walking for weight loss a calm, moderate pace.

And the last one! If you have decided to lose weight and improve health, walking for weight loss is just what you need. Walk, walk, enjoy the beauty of nature and, thus, lose weight. Be sure to consider the fact that when walking you must be filled with and radiate the energy, not Vice versa. In this case, you do not just get rid of extra pounds, but also become the owner of perfect health. Listen to our recommendations and good luck!