Prescription weight loss with water

The main component of human cells (about two thirds!) is water needed to maintain basic life processes in the body. If the body gets fluid in a sufficient amount, it directs all its resources to preserve and get water.

Naturally, while all other processes (including metabolism, breakdown of carbohydrates and fats) are substantially slowed. So,in order to prevent this, you need to monitor the amount of fluid you consume during the day.

The rules of the "water" diet

To begin the water diet follow a few rules. Here they are:

Potum 2 ad 3 liters de aqua
  • Drink 2 to 3 liters of water. The exact number depends on physical activity, body mass of the person and weather conditions.
  • The water should be clean and sparkling. You can not add water to the sugar or replace it with Coca-Cola.
  • The water temperature should be room, because the cold water slows your metabolism.
  • Before eating drink a glass of water: you will gradually train yourself to eat less.
  • Felt the hunger – drink a glass of water. If half an hour later the feeling of hunger is not gone, then you can eat.
  • During meals drink water is not necessary. Do not drink immediately after meals, wait 2-4 hours. In this case water, to drink before meals, can break down harmful and useless to the body.
  • So that the water did not stay in the body and does not provoke swelling, limit your salt intake.
  • Refrain from sweet and fatty.

There is a great way without resorting to diets to get rid of the ten extra pounds for the week. The rule is simple: the daily water intake should be 49 ml per kilogram of body weight. A "water storm" and replace coffee, tea and sugary drinks with water will cause you to effortlessly say goodbye to the extra pounds. We give a prescription weight loss with water for a week.

Seven day water diet

Its main principle is eating, along with water, low-calorie products. From the diet completely excluded: tea, coffee, pastries, salt, sugar and complex carbohydrates.

  • Breakfast — one hard-boiled egg, a little low-fat cheese or cheese.
  • Lunch — vegetable soup, 100-150 grams of boiled chicken breast with vegetables.
  • Dinner 100-130 grams of lean meat or fish steamed with vegetables.
  • As a snack fit unsweetened fresh fruit or dried fruit.

This diet will allow to lose in a week to ten kilos. But note that when switching to the normal power mode will be back three or four kilograms.

How to lose weight man, child, teenager

How to lose weight the child with water

The child lost weight, have to give up juice and sit on a water diet. At the same time, have to say no to pie, cake, sweets and soda drinks because they have a lot of sugar.

Quam amittere pondus, ut puer cum aqua

For weight loss child it is best to choose mineral water without gas. Dosage of water for each individual on this issue, consult with a dietician. The water should be slightly warmed. Mineral water from the fridge slows down metabolism, and cold short (especially in the summer heat).

If the kid likes sweet, you can make concessions, adding to the water to drink some juice from a bag (a teaspoon – no more!).
How to lose weight man

Following the water diet, eliminate consumption of sugar, sugar substitutes, sweets, fatty meat, fried potatoes, smoked and salted fish. The usual roast pork and replace chicken breast, boil or bake without the addition of spices and salt. Substitute wheat bread can become grain bread or porridge, cooked without salt. Thus, the mode of consumption of water the following.

  1. In the morning you should drink two glasses of water on an empty stomach. This is followed by the Breakfast.
  2. At work, feeling hungry, drink a glass of water. Half an hour later can eat bread with butter or cheese.
  3. Well, if you combine diet with exercise. You can drink about a glass of water before training. After the training is over, eat an orange or an Apple.
  4. About half an hour before dinner should drink two glasses of water.

This mode is observed throughout the week. This will give you the opportunity to lose ten pounds or more.

After a diet should be a month of proper nutrition, then diet can be repeated.

How to lose weight teenager

This is particularly important, since adolescence observed the intensive growth of the child's body. In principle, water diet for a teenager is possible, but with some peculiarities.

  • Start your morning with a glass of warm boiled water, which added a bit of natural lemon, grapefruit or orange juice. Then, after about half an hour, must have Breakfast. You can drink after Breakfast, a bit of tomato juice (unsalted!).
  • Before class drink a glass of water, and next break can to eat. As a snack make a sandwich with zucchini or beet caviar. You can eat corn bread with slice of low fat cheese. After a snack you can drink water!
  • At home, half an hour before meals, should drink a glass of water. This applies to lunch and dinner.
  • If teen water combines diet with exercise, you can drink the water in larger quantities. In this case, the diet will be more effective.
  • The program duration is one week.

To dropped weight is not returned, it is necessary to remember one rule. Sometimes, due to the growth of the body, the teenager feels the need to eat something sweet. Well, sometimes you have to go to the body to make concessions. Before you eat a sweet, drink two glasses of water.

After candy or cake eaten, to drink water is impossible! Using this simple rules you will be able to keep the achieved results.
Bibendum Sassi

Drink the Sassi – an unusual way to lose weight

Named in honor of the nutritionist, which dealt with issues of weight loss. You can buy a drink at a pharmacy or make it yourself.

  • Water – 3 liters.
  • Ginger root (peeled and chopped) – 2 teaspoons.
  • Cucumber medium size – 2 PCs.
  • Lemons – 2 PCs.
  • Dried mint – 2 teaspoons (or 10 leaves fresh).

Method of preparation of the drink:

Cucumber and lemon wash, cut into circles. All the ingredients mix well. Drink to prepare in the evening, leave overnight in the fridge to infuse.

To store a "magic" drink for weight loss should only be in a cool place.

The daily intake of drink 1.5-2 liters.

Do not drink Sassi pregnant and lactating women suffering from gastritis and gastric ulcer, and people with allergies to the ingredients in this unusual cocktail.

Melt-water for weight loss

To cook melt water, freeze filtered water in the freezer and let it thaw. Thanks to a very special molecular structure, the melt water is extremely useful: it improves digestion, cleans the body of toxins and helps excrete the excess fluid.

Holding days of discharge for melt water (nothing else but unsweetened green tea is not!) allows you to remove a day from one to three pounds!

Who should not use diet water

Water diet is contraindicated:

  1. suffering from hypertension;
  2. diseases of the kidney and urinary tract;
  3. pregnant and lactating women.

Suffering with heart disease need to approach this method of weight loss very carefully and only after consulting with your doctor.

Why diet is not always effective

Diet on the water is not always effective for the following reasons.

  1. If the cause of overweight — hormone imbalances in the body.
  2. Excess body weight typed during pregnancy and after childbirth.

In both cases, to solve the problem of weight loss will help to consult an endocrinologist.


  1. Compliance with drinking diet involves eating only pure and still water.
  2. Drinking diet there are contraindications, therefore before to begin its observance, it is necessary to read them.
  3. Drinking diet you can use the melt water.