How to lose weight forever

Those who have tried to lose weight knows that it is not enough just to go on a diet. To achieve the goal you need something else. What are the conditions you need to follow to finally lose weight and not gain the weight back.

Condition 1. To accept personal responsibility for your figure

If there is excess weight, then there is "the offense" — overeating. The one who says that "eating very little" disingenuous. To lose weight, become free from harmful habits of overeating, I have to admit my dependence on her. A man who believes that all his troubles to blame anyone, not him, to change not want and will not! Some seek to impose liability on the doctor: "I can't do anything with their appetite, it influences on you!" Other plaintively talk about with burdened heredity, lipid metabolism disorders, the abundance of stressful situations in life, completely excluding his own authorship in the accumulation of excess fat. But this denial of personal responsibility makes the treatment ineffective.


Condition 2. Experience the true desire to normalize the weight

Every action starts with a desire, and no way to lose weight can not be effective without the efforts! It often happens that people want to reduce weight, because it is fashionable or persuaded their girlfriends, forced husband. They are absolutely not ready to take an active part in the process, do not try in whatever was to achieve results. Only true, hard-won and a really strong desire to change your figure can be the key to success.

Condition 3. Serious motive

Motives for weight loss, usually several. They must be clearly defined and to choose the most significant,. Avoid statements like "I want to lose weight because you don't want to be full" — be sure to decode what is behind the word "fulness" in relation to you personally. For example: "Completeness — is hypertension, malaise, loss of efficiency". Or: "Completeness — is the loss of attractiveness, complexes, problems in his personal life, the deterioration of relations with her husband." Identify their innermost motives. For who you want to be slim? For husband? For a neighbor? For the chief? If you know the exact answer to this question, nothing will knock you off your chosen path!

There are also so-called exculpatory motives that can "incite" you to quit slimming — birthdays, holidays, disbelief in success, a stressful situation. The result is a struggle of motives, and the strongest wins.

Condition 4. To determine the weight and to plan the timing of weight loss

In order to calculate the difference between actual and ideal weight, there are numerous formulas and tables. The most famous formula Brock: normal body weight in kg equal to height in cm minus 100. Depending on how many percent of the actual weight exceeds the ideal, we can distinguish four degrees of obesity:

Grade 1 — 11-24% excess weight Degree 2 — 25-49%, 3rd degree — 50-99%, 4th degree — 100% or more. Terms of weight loss vary from person to person, depending on weight, age, peculiarities of metabolism. Dr. Mirkin offers a model, which he totaled as a result of years of observations. However, this scheme only applies to people with 1st, 2nd and 3rd degrees of obesity in individuals with a normal weight dynamics of weight loss slowed, and the holders of 4-th degree can be, on the contrary, accelerated.

For the first two to three weeks usually to get rid of 5-7 kg, then, as a rule, comes "the dead zone" (in the process of losing weight they can be several). This is due to the rearrangement of lipid metabolism. This period lasts about a week, and then again you will begin to lose weight.

You can lose weight by 8-10 kg per month 20 kg in 2-3 months, 30 kg for 3-4 months, 40 pounds over six months. No need to take the "increased commitment" and strive to fulfill them in greater volume, but the approximate planning of weight reduction helps them get ready for active work.

Condition 5. To build a new model of eating behavior

Diet — the cornerstone of weight loss, because only the amount of energy supplied with food, depends on the regulation of weight. Psycho-correction — only support to help you stay on the chosen path. To achieve sustainable results, diet, you need whole life, so it should be made simple and affordable.

Abstain from greasy foods, from bakery products (including breads and cereals), potatoes and sweets. During lunch in the first dish for the figure of dangerous grounds and the second garnish in the third — sugar.

An important part of a diet — fasting days: kefir (most effective), cheese, Apple, cucumber, cabbage etc. For intensive weight loss is recommended to discharge a day (every day that "yogurt" or "cabbage" means discarded pounds), then rather than once a week.

Condition 6. Take the first step to a new life

The transition from overeating to the diet can be very painful. But according to the Persian proverb "it is Better to experience hardships than fear them," Dr. Mirkin says, "it's Better to have diet than to fear it." Fear of the unknown (will the feeling of hunger? will achieve if successful?) often paralyzes the will, it is important to make the effort to overcome this barrier.

Condition 7. Using self-hypnosis to strengthen the will to win, to develop a negative attitude toward overeating and positive — to diet

Sessions of self-hypnosis you need to carry out morning and evening and during the day when you want to break your diet. Need to relax, close your eyes and in 2-3 minutes repeat made for myself a formula.

Negative self-suggestion formula needed for lovely heart and taste buds harmful meals persistent hostility. For example: "Flour and sweet — it's a double chin, a nasty tummy. It's a bad feeling, discord in the family."

Positive formulas of self-hypnosis will make it easier to tolerate diet and fasting days. You need to learn to mentally associate food restrictions do not with longing for forbidden foods, but with the improvement of life, which will appear together with a slender figure. For example: "Unloading is a beautiful body, self-esteem, the attention of men. This ease of motion, great mood".