Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

The extra weight and protruding belly is not only a problem of women and girls, but men often face this problem. The modern pace of life, which is not enough time for proper sleep and Breakfast, sedentary lifestyle and constant stress lead to weight problems, which leads to problems to physical and psychological health.

flat stomach

Belly is a classic problem area with which you need to fight to achieve bends at the waist, getting rid of extra inches. To quickly get rid of excess body fat and does not harm your health, better consult the services of a professional coach. Too rapid weight loss can lead to health problems, such as prolapse of the organs.

Therefore everything should be in moderation. Below you will find a simple and safe exercises for slimming the abdomen and back, to perform at home. As well as expert advice on speeding up the process of weight loss.

Causes of belly fat and sides

Excess fat on belly and sides just not delayed. This contributes to a number of reasons: improper diet, genetic predisposition, sedentary lifestyle, hormones. Some of them can be easily addressed by revising the diet by adding physical activity and walking. But there are problems when correction of the abdomen requires medical intervention and we are not talking about plastic surgery.

Bad metabolism

Metabolism often violated due to improper diet and drinking regime. Starvation or one – two meals a day, contributes to metabolic disorders, the body is reluctant to digest and gives carbohydrates and fats to provide energy. And also, the most important meal is Breakfast, many people miss it, considering that so will burn fats. Hence, there are reserves of fat in the abdomen, both in men and women. All turns out on the contrary – a constant flow of food and water accelerates the metabolism.


Overweight is the cause not only of genetic predisposition and heredity, but also of the Constitution of the body. Have the ectomorph (thin build, with a low percentage of body fat) metabolism the fastest. Mesomorph (medium build, with normal adipose tissue) is also endowed with a good metabolism. But it is endomorph (muscular physique, with a broader bone structure, a high percentage of fat), most often gaining weight. Any violation of power, no load or rest, is immediately reflected in the fatty tissue of this physique.

A sedentary lifestyle and incorrect posture

The lack of movement the reason for which the fat is able to be delayed in any type of Constitution, age, and gender. If you are not moving means not wasting energy. If nutrients derived from food, not used as energy for life, they are deposited as fat.

Need to walk more, or take a walk in a break or before bedtime, it will spend more energy therefore get rid of excess weight. And yet, it is important to monitor the posture in the sitting position. Twisted spin and deflection in the lower back, in the sedentary lifestyle, will lead to atrophy of the muscles of the abdomen. He was thrown out ahead, like inflamus, and it visually gives the visual effect of a large belly.



The problem with many people, often associated with some psychological aspect, "jamming"
problem that causes uncontrollable eating. Or contributes to this common ignorance of the calorie content, fat content and composition of sugars in the products. If you eat to excess, even if it is only fruit, from a surplus calorie produces fat on the sides. And this is inevitable, since most of the daily calorie intake in no time usus est usque. Also large gaps between meals promotes overeating, because when you hunger you can eat more than required, and saturation will not come immediately.

Stress and disease

Stress also plays an important role in getting overweight. It leads to overeating or fasting. Both negatively affects the metabolism. Even diet is itself a stress, because the body is accustomed to a particular stereotype of power, and rigid restrictions will bring physical and psychological discomfort. Diseases often comes a poor appetite, and this again provokes the accumulation of fat. Violations of the digestive system, also play a big role in the fat mass set. The lack of enzymes which participate in digestion and digest nutrients (fats, carbohydrates) will increase the volume of the waist. In this issue you need to consult with your doctor.

Little muscle

The more a person amounts of muscle, the more wasted energy. For their food needs more substances, and under load and restoration of such muscles much more calories are burnt. Therefore, atonic (weak) muscles, with a low physical activity, spend less energy, and its surplus goes straight into the subcutaneous fat.

Hormonal changes

Violation of the endocrine system, if the cause of excess weight in this, it only requires medical intervention. This deals with the endocrinologist. To solve the problem should not be alone. The doctor will prescribe tests for certain hormones, identify the imbalance and measures for solving the problems. Overweight women can accumulate because of disorders of thyroid function or hormonal drugs. Sometimes it can cause even birth control drugs. In men, possible a hormonal imbalance in the direction of increasing female hormones and reduce testosterone. Hence, the possible manifestations of secondary sexual characteristics, namely excess belly fat.

Is it possible for one nutrition to get rid of fat around the waist

Nutrition plays a huge role in weight reduction. One proper diet it is possible lose fat, no added physical activity. But not Vice versa. If improper diet has provoked the accumulation of fat, the beginning any form of exercise is unlikely to help remove excess fat alive on and sides. It is important to limit calories, unhealthy fats and fast carbs (sugar) in foods. Physical activity will add additional power consumption and speed up the result. But still, load minor.

The effectiveness of different exercise for burning fat on belly and sides

Each load has its own impact on the speed of fat burning, but only in the complex, each of them will be really effective. We offer the following exercises that you can perform at home to lose weight in my stomach area and sides.

running and walking

Running or walking

You can lose weight using only a balanced diet with a small caloric deficit, but got to add the best fat burning exercises, you can increase the deficit and hasten the process of weight loss. Running is the most effective exercise for burning extra fat available. Not necessarily to run, you can do long walks, walk briskly for 10 km a day, or as the Japanese say, need a day to do 10 thousand steps. This is useful for the cardiovascular system and for the figure. You can easily and harm to health to get rid of belly and sides.

Exercise strap

The plank is a static exercise. Such stabilization exercises include work for slow fibers. Of course the energy spent to hold the position for a certain time. Performing the bar, lift your pelvis and hold in this position for at least 15 seconds each time try to increase the time of exercise. But better of all, the fats are burned during the dynamic load, the long muscle fibers. Recommend the bar in the dynamics, for example, alternately to raise the cross-arm and a leg, as shown in the picture above.


twistings effective that these exercises are dynamic, include operation fast and straight fibers of the external oblique abdominal muscles, leading to fat burning in the abdominal area and sides. twistings implemented in different ways: on the floor, on the bench opposite and diagonal twistings. Each of them need to perform, straining the abdominal muscles, and other body parts is very important. The variety of complex abdominal muscles will form a resilient and tight abs. The minimum number of repetitions to 15.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises have come to us from gymnastics, yoga, and it is called as pranayama, which translated means "energy management". Breathing exercises enriches lungs with oxygen, and it promotes the burning of fat. Also, gymnastics is well coached abdominal muscles, a light massage to internal organs. But the practice will help lose weight in combination with diet and exercise is much more effective. Practicing for 15 minutes a day can strengthen the process of weight loss, for a brush increase the amount of oxygen in the blood, which is involved in the breakdown of fat cells in the body.

Jump rope

A simple and effective way to combat fat is jumping rope. Such exercises burn calories by increasing heart rate, going to work on endurance, and subcutaneous fat out evenly from the entire body. Training should be held for at least 30 minutes a day. You can perform interval: 1 minute jumping, 1 minute rest.

Hoop for weight loss

Gymnastic Hoop

The second name of Hoop hulahup, he is able not only to train the muscles of the waist area, but also promotes fat burning and helps to adjust the stomach area. Datae erat to cardio onere, when playing with a Hoop increases the heart rate to achieve weight loss can be worse than from rope or running. But the Hoop does not fit all. If you have problems with the spine and inflammation of internal organs, hulahup contraindicated. It can only aggravate the problem, therefore, must be renounced. A healthy body is better to alternate the exercises with a Hoop and exercises for the abs, so the result will be more efficient.

The slopes

The process of losing weight depends on nutrition and General stress on the body. Since there is no local fat burning, to separately train the side muscles (obliques), especially with the weights, not worth it. All because the fat accumulated in this area will go from the General physical activity and working on a slant, you can increase the volume of the waist. Trained oblique muscles increase, visually making the waist wider. Therefore, pay more attention to a direct muscle of a stomach.

Exercises lying on the floor

A variety of exercises for the abdominal muscles will simultaneously tone the upper and lower abdomen and to burn body fat. Here an important role plays the load, exercises should literally cause a burning sensation in the muscles. The last repetition should be difficult, and their number should range from 15 – 30 reps. You need to perform a set of exercises without rest, pausing only after the completion of the first round.

Exercise program for burning fat on belly and sides

  1. twistings on an inclined bench 3 x 30;
  2. twistings on the floor 3 x 30;
  3. UPS leg raises 3 x 30;
  4. The leg lifts focus on parallel bars 3 x 30;
  5. Leg raises on incline bench 3 x 20 – 30;
  6. Diagonal twistings "Bicycle" 3 x 40;
  7. Wrinkle 3 x 30;
  8. The "burning" of lying, short twistings 3 x 40;
  9. Reverse twistings, lying leg lifts 3 x 30;
  10. Lateral twistings of 3 x 30;
  11. Plank 1 minute 3 sets.

A set of exercises to perform at home

exercise the crease


  1. Lying on the floor, hands behind head, legs straight;
  2. Exhale: press, open round back, torquent, at the same time obstringere your knees to your chest canopy. Hands in front of you;
  3. Breath: smoothly and not collapse on the floor lowered to its original position.

Burning lying

  1. Lying down, hands behind head, knees bent. Of the foot in the emphasis on the floor;
  2. Exhale: short and quick motion, severing the blades of a matchbox. Chin looks up, not clinging to the collarbones;
  3. Breath: back on the blades. The exercise is done at a rapid pace to a burning sensation in the muscles.

Leg lifts lying down

  1. Lying on the floor, hands placed under the pelvis to take the weight off the lower back. Legs straight, to simplify, you can lift the bent knee;
  2. Exhale: raise straight legs to a position perpendicular to the floor, the lower back should not come off a floor;
  3. Inhale: gently drop the legs on the floor, holding the tension of the abdominal muscles.

A short climb of the pelvis

  1. Exercise like lying burning on the upper part of the stomach, runs to a burning sensation;
  2. Exhale: performed short and quick movements, raising your pelvis on a matchbox without taking the lower back;
  3. Breath: calm down, lower the pelvis slowly, not hitting his tailbone.

Diagonal twistings

  1. Dynamic exercise is performed without pause, to a burning sensation for 30 to 40 repetitions;
  2. His hands under his head, severing the blades from the floor, holding the position throughout the exercise. Knees bent, holding them to the canopy;
  3. Exhale: rotate to diagonal, reach the elbow of one hand to the opposite knee, not touching it. While the other leg straightens at the knee, not touching the floor, remains of the canopy;
  4. Breath: turning through the centre without pause, changing the torsion on the opposite side.

Recommend video complex of exercises for weight loss belly:

regular exercise

How much you need to do to remove belly and flanks

Unfortunately, instant results do not happen. For the first month, the muscles come in tone, and the body adapts to proper diet. At this time, well leave the volume in the waist, but they belly may remain, as the fat in this area gets more complicated. And then you need more effort and longer time.

Time weight loss will affect from the original weight, what it is, the longer it can run. And also, the important role played by the Constitution. For example, "Apple" tend to gain fat in the abdomen, and the extra inches in this area will go into the last turn. It may take six months. Training should take place 3 to 5 times a week. Sessions should alternate between strength exercises and cardio onere (running, jumping, elliptical machines).