Diet - what is it? Diet therapy, diet for weight loss

In the modern world with the concept of "diet" do not regularly face is that infants. The term is often equated with weight loss. But is it always?

diet what is it

The history of the diets

Generally speaking, a diet is a set of certain rules of supply, which reglamentary quantity, chemical composition and physical properties of used products and the frequency of their use. In Greek "diet" – not that other as a "lifestyle". It turns out that originally no connection with weight reduction it had no idea.

Mankind has long been paid to the issue of power much attention. Hippocrates in the 5th century BC, argued that well-chosen food can be medicine, promoted a similar idea and Avicenna. The issue of weight loss at the time were not. This direction emerged much later.

The first popular book devoted to getting rid of excess weight, published in the 19th century. In this edition, shared the story of his journey to harmony, a businessman from England called William Banting. To get rid of a couple of dozen pounds he managed by limiting the intake of carbohydrates.

The 20th century saw the birth of many popular destinations. In the beginning of the century there has been the concept of calorie counting for weight control, and in 30 years have put forward the principles of food combining.

In today's world there is a cult of slender toned body, so the diet so popular, their number is enormous and is constantly updated with new options. Make it easier to navigate all this diversity and understand what diet is suitable in each particular case, to start is to consider them a common classification: the diet can be divided into medical, health and for weight loss.

Medical diet

The goal of diet treatment is to influence the course of the disease, changing the diet and thus affecting the metabolism in the human body. The essence of such systems in certain changes in the diet, respectively, problems with one or more organs. The basis of therapeutic diet is the principle magania: mechanical (products milled or ground into a puree), chemical (exclude certain nutrients), heat (avoid too hot and very cold food).

In our country adopted the numbering system of therapeutic diets. For example, diets No. 1 and No. 2 are appointed in inflammatory diseases of the stomach and intestines, No. 7 – if kidney disease, the No. 8 – in the case of obesity, no. 10, in case of problems with the heart and blood vessels. Diet №15 is used in the medical and health institutions for diseases that do not require any special power, and in the recovery period.

In therapeutic diet is very important mode. Frequency of meals is increased to 5-6 times a day, avoiding long breaks.

Wellness diet

Wellness diet

These diets are not as strict indications, as a treatment. Their main task is the recovery time after stress or strenuous exercise, toning, cleansing of the body. As a rule, a health food used in combination with other restorative and cleaning procedures. A health diet is the use of natural products, exclusion of food additives, canned food, fast food.

Diet for weight loss

It is these systems of power currently associated with the concept "diet". Their main task is to help to reduce body weight and make the body harmonious shape. In this area there are a large number of diets and diets. Indeed, this is a very fertile field for experimentation.

Diet is always a limitation, or any products or calorie diet. In principle, the only condition for the reduction of body weight is the following rule: the body needs to expend more calories than he gets from food. Only when calorie deficit the body will begin to use its own reserves, and for this we need either to spend more or to consume less. Sport is a topic for another conversation, but which diet will not experience physical and mental (which is important) discomfort – the issue is complex and individual. But there are plenty to choose.

Low calorie diet

As the name suggests, these diets imply restriction of the daily calorie intake. Products this may be different. To act a low calorie diet can effectively, but when you return to normal diet the weight comes back, often with the bonus of a few extra pounds. This is because a sharp decrease in the nutritional value the body perceives as a "war situation" and trying, in case if the situation repeats, to stock up. In addition, after a fairly quick start further weight loss may slow down because the body goes into saving mode and slows down your metabolism. There is also the probability that to spend it will not body fat and muscle mass.


A diet in which the food is used any one product: yogurt, apples, buckwheat, cottage cheese, cucumbers – option is quite hard and not balanced, so long it is impossible to adhere to. This diet 2 kg per week to lose will help, but these kilograms quickly return if you do not continue strictly to control yourself.

proper nutrition

Restrictive diet

The diet, built on the basis of such diets, there has been a bias in favor of any organic substances. Examples of such diets can be very common nowadays protein or low-carb, humilis-adipem, and even fat. Perhaps, the most healthy among them are diets with low fat intake. Indeed, the fat calories are the easiest to turn into overweight than those obtained from other sources. When constructing such a diet, you need to remember that the deficit should be extended to fats, and then carbohydrates. Homemade diet may be based on this principle, since it is inexpensive and easy.

Most popular diet

Among the popular protein diets one can mention nutrition, Pierre Dukan. The same principle – low consumption of carbohydrates is the basis of the diet of doctor Robert Atkins. Is also a low-carb diet. This rule is preferred, the use of proteins - gives a quick result, but there is evidence that long-term compliance possible problems with the kidneys.

Known so-called zonal diet menu for each day includes keeping a certain balance of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Very common the principle of calorie counting: probatur his claim that quickly enough, you can learn to do without a calculator and determine the calories literally on eyes.

Interesting diet "6 petals", implying the alternation of fish, vegetables, chicken, sacrificium, quoque butyrum and fruit days. Her followers are encouraged to hang on the fridge a paper Daisy with a signed accordingly by the petals to the goal was before his eyes.

Attract the attention of the diets that are more long-term power supply systems. For example, the system "Minus 60" is built on the principles of a healthy diet: do not skip Breakfast, eat the high-calorie foods before noon, to abandon milk chocolate and candy in favor of bitter, not to combine potatoes with the meat and do not eat after six.

There is a sense in the tenets of separation of power. Anyway, to hurt they just can't. The Mediterranean diet is recognized as one of the healthiest. Its principles are allowed to eat vegetables, seafood and oily fish, fruit and vegetables, olive oil, poultry meat, nuts, yogurt and soft cheeses. Allowed pasta and a small amount of red wine. Nothing wonderful diet every day?



There is no perfect diet, suitable to all without exception. But it should first and foremost be safe and take into account the individual characteristics of a person: even where he came from. That food, which used Asian, is absolutely not suitable indigenis of the South, and Vice versa. Some categories of people get involved in the diet generally contraindicated. It concerns children and adolescents, pregnant and lactating women.