Hit parade of techniques quick weight loss

"That would be in the morning to Wake up and discover your body in folds of fat, treacherously outstanding worship your delicious meals" – such a desire before bedtime makes a lot of victims of excess weight. And you also feel about them? Is it any wonder – everybody wants something to eat to in one fell swoop become easier, and this desire is quite natural because people tend to hope for a miracle. But the miracle is this, or you just don't know how to lose weight quickly? Yes, of course, not overnight, but for three, but your desire is feasible. Want to check?!

kefir diet

Kefir diet – a leader among the existing methods of weight loss

Lovers of yogurt have the secrets on how to lose weight very quickly and willingly share their experiences with their colleagues in misfortune, eager to find the perfect form. What is the "trick"? First, everyone knows that the fastest way to lose weight is to go on a mono-diet, which is kefir food technique.

Second, the system weight correction is simple and you need no kitchen, not even Cutlery. Third, the diet available to everyone, since it is based on affordable product, which is in the shop. And most importantly – yogurt – the leader among dietary products.

Why? For many reasons. This drink contains the important for cell renewal and protein needed for good health vitamins and also some trace elements, positively affecting the appearance. In addition, yogurt improves digestion, which is essential in the diet? And if you still love this milk product, then you should not have any questions on how to lose weight quickly. Just buy the yogurt and return to its former beauty.

Menu this method is very simple. Purchase 1.5 liters of kefir and drink whenever you want. Can divide the drink into 3 portions and drink a glass, then stretch the fun until bedtime. Nothing more, of course, but water that is recommended per day to consume over one and a half liters. Such a system is allowed to eat for 3 days, during which you have all chances to become easier on 3-5 kg. the Result depends on your discipline and initial body weight.

Protein diet – for fans of meat dishes

If you don't like mono, but need to lose weight quickly and effectively, eat a proteins consumption which, as we know, promotes rapid weight loss. Eating proteins, you will lose not less than a kilo per day, but more than a week to lose weight on this procedure, doctors do not recommend because the lack of carbohydrates can lead to depressed mood and nervous breakdowns. By the way, your sweetheart can join you because of all the ways how to lose weight fast man this is the best, because in the menu there is one of the favorite gentlemen products – meat. Lose weight the whole family?!

So, a sample diet for the day according to protein power system:

protein diet
  • Breakfast – a Cup of unsweetened coffee (and tea – the choice is yours);
  • second Breakfast – boiled eggs, dessert Apple;
  • lunch – a piece (150 g) lean meat, which is recommended, or boil, or cook dietary way – for a couple;
  • afternoon tea – a favorite cheese (100 g), tea;
  • dinner is quite modest – only a Cup of yogurt.

Per day nutritionists urge you to drink about 2 liters of healthy drinks, preferring water without gas or sugar. Can also drink a decoction of rose hips, which will give you energy and prevent you from dizziness, which, alas, is the people losing weight on the diet dapibus.

Diet limes Vajkule – lose weight like the stars

What are ways to lose weight quickly without harm to health, we suggest the famous beauty, which we admire on television screens and magazine covers? For example, Laima Vaikule – famous singer, always staying in great shape, come up with their own power supply system, which allows the star to look perfect. The technique as you understand it, the author, moreover, bears the name of its Creator. Here everything is simple: I don't know how to lose weight, think for yourself and share with others!

The principle of the correction of weight from limes is based on the alternation of mono-diet, that is a kind of "mix" of the most effective power systems. The duration of the technique – 9 days, after which you will be easier at least 9 pounds and even more (a lot depends on how much you weigh before the diet). To break the rules, to include in the menu of prohibited products are strictly forbidden, otherwise all your efforts will go down the drain. But there is good news: the allowed food you can eat without restrictions until you're satisfied.

Meanwhile, after a few days you will lost the flash of hunger, as the stomach, one way or another, reduced in size, and this means that you can eat, you will become more modest. It would be nice to keep the result longer by avoiding lavish feasts. But back to the methodology.

So the menu from Lima Vajkule:

diet Laima Vaikule
  • the first three days are devoted to rice, and a useful – rudis, brown or black varieties, however, are allowed to mix and a few varieties – focus on your taste. Rice not salt or add anything, for example, traditional oil. However, the finished dish can be made with soy sauce and a pinch of fragrant and favorite herbs;
  • the next three days – cold. Chicken Breasts simply decoct, remembering about the ban on salt, and eat throughout the day. If the meat seem fresh, that can a little pepper or add the same of soy sauce;
  • extreme three days will be sweet, because finally you can treat yourself to fruit. However, only the apples, but you can alternate them different varieties, making the menu diverse. Tired to eat apples? Then bake them with cinnamon or cook the compote, of course, without sugar.

Lime is not advised during the diet to consume coffee. Can not overcome coffee addiction? Then please refrain at least half the time. Overall, the first 4 days, the singer advises to drink only water (2 liters per day), and starting from the fifth day you can afford herbal tea or broth hips.

It is important to know! To avoid feeling hungry and to normalize a chair, nutritionists recommend daily to consume a couple of tablespoons of bran by adding them to meals or drinking water.

The classic fast diet

You are by nature conservative, anxious about your health, like a full menu and want to go on a long diet to protect yourself from return rapidly gone pounds? A good solution, of course, if you have the time, because the classic diet in the first week you will make easier to 4 kg, and then you will lose a little less. But it is not going to experience bouts of hunger and begin to feel aversion to any food. By the way, if you ask your doctor how to quickly and effectively lose weight, he certainly will recommend you the classical system of correction of weight. Get to know her closer?

Diet allows the body to get everything you need for normal life of the substance but without frills, so you will lose weight slowly, but not refundable. Adhere to the methods as much as needed to ensure that your body has acquired the desired shape. To harm the system of eating for weight loss can't. The main thing – do not reduce the portions and drink 1.5 liters of usable fluid, giving preference to non-carbonated water.

It is necessary to completely eliminate from the diet?

  • sugar and products containing this product;
  • alcoholic beverages;
  • fast food;
  • sausage;
  • chips;
  • baking;
  • semi-finished products;
  • dishes that have white flour (dumplings, noodles, dumplings, etc.);
  • mayonnaise and other harmful sauces;
  • potatoes;
  • fatty foods;
  • sweet drinks;
  • store-bought juices.
classic diet

In addition, even permitted foods during weight loss cannot be fried. Prefer cooking steamed, grilled, bake dishes in the oven, simmer or boil.

Sample day menu of classic diets:

  • morning – coffee (of course without sugar and other unhealthy additives), steamed carrots (200 g), low-fat cottage cheese (100 g);
  • snack – cabbage salad, which you can not put salt, but it is permissible to add a spoonful of fresh sour cream (though not very bold);
  • lunch – a light soup with vegetables (bowl), whole wheat bread (about 150 g) piece (100 g) boiled meat with a couple of spoons of green peas, and for dessert – Apple;
  • afternoon snack consists of a serving of cottage cheese or cheesecakes, steamed, broth hips;
  • in the evening it is permissible to pamper your favorite fish (100g) and vegetable stew (150 g);
  • before sleep – a Cup of yogurt.

Now you not only possess the information about how to lose weight quickly, but also know how to do it safely and deliciously.