Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat is among the most popular dietary products. It contains high-quality protein, many vitamins and minerals, easy to prepare and even in lean a relatively good taste. This product is equally suitable for lengthy diet and cleansing days.

However, it should not go directly to the type of food, understand their characteristics and nuances. To sit on just for this product is very difficult, and the results require consolidation, and suitable buckwheat diet for weight loss not all.

Our article will place all points over "i" concerning diet. You will learn what is the essence and the physiological effect of this power, whom it fits and has any contraindications.

the essence of buckwheat diet

The essence of the rules of buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet, in contrast to the paleo diet or protein diet refers to the mono-diet. This means that the basic product it is only one buckwheat.

Is it allowed as much as you want, only trouble is, is not a fresh mess in pleasure. Every day portions are reduced, and the love and respect to the buckwheat fading away. In this and built a basic principle of the diet.

The essence of the diet

Buckwheat porridge is always prepared to the same recipe. Cereals pour hot water (not necessarily boiling) in a ratio of 1:2 and leave the lid on for the night. Some wrap the pot with a towel, but not necessarily for night cereal absorbs even cold water.

The evening before the day X need to brew 1-2 cups of buckwheat. And the next day eat only this porridge, washed down with unlimited amounts of liquid. During the day allowed to eat any unsweetened fruit (not vegetables) and drink more than a liter of 1% yogurt. So all menu items allowed per day diet. Brewing is not a prerequisite, but only a recommendation. Want to cook on the fire — cook. The choice of the method of making a main dish for you.

Buckwheat is loved by many, but not as your primary daily meals. It is not surprising that at the end of the first day some women have breakdowns.

The most persistent are the most persistent and strong-willed withstand 3-4 days.

However, the classic buckwheat diet for weight loss is really too strict. Such a diet is more suitable for handling the day than in the diet for 14 days. In addition, lack of adequate amounts of nutrients in the diet will negatively affect the whole organism.

Rules effective weight loss on the buckwheat

There are a few simple rules that will make the diet most effective:

  1. Buckwheat steamed the night before, the water is not salt.
  2. Before going to sleep (for 4 hours) it is advisable to abandon any food. You are allowed a Cup of yogurt.
  3. Allowed to drink only mineral water and teas. Once a day you can treat yourself to unsweetened coffee. Of course without sugar. To drink add sweetener of plant origin.
  4. Drink at least 2 litres. During the diet the main rule of thumb: "I want to eat – drink!". It would seem, a couple of liters is not that much for a whole day, but as practice shows, not all comply with this requirement.
  5. Buckwheat is better to take not brown (deep fried), and green. Green buckwheat is not passed thermal processing, and therefore more useful. However, it is not as tasty. Green buckwheat can also be sprouted and also include diet. A Supplement to nutrition will also be useful in ordinary days. Some germinaverit add buckwheat to salads.
  6. Morning start with a glass of water, a first portion of eat at least 30 minutes.

Tip! It is very convenient to monitor the amount of fluid you drink with the help of special programs, for example, Water, Time and other similar apps.

weight loss of buckwheat diet

Permitted and prohibited products

Do not rely on diversity is buckwheat diet. Clear from its name that the menu will be scarce.

Resolved the following products:

  • buckwheat;
  • low-fat buttermilk (1%);
  • unsweetened fruit (Apple, tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple);
  • water, herbal teas, tea, coffee;
  • dried fruits (no more than a handful a day);
  • greens (onion, parsley, dill, lettuce, cilantro, spinach, celery);
  • honey (teaspoon a day);
  • tablespoon butter;
  • soy sauce (buckwheat season).

Salt is excluded from the diet not just. It retains water, which is undesirable during weight loss. Many say that on a diet were more likely to visit the toilet, but buckwheat is not a diuretic effect. All the matter in the absence of dietary salt. The amount of consumed diet liquid increases and, without stopping, passes through the body in transit.

List of prohibited products makes no sense, as forbidden all that is not included in the list. In an extreme case, to Supplement the diet allowed boiled chicken, cucumbers, or zucchini.

How to end a diet

Weight lost on a buckwheat diet, fast back, if we lose sight of one important point – the correct output, consisting of a few rules:

  • Over the next two weeks buckwheat (may already hated) must continue daily to be present in the diet. At least once, better for Breakfast. Now it can a little salt and combine with other (delicious after a diet of abstinence) foods: meat, fish, vegetables.
  • Good vegetable soups, various cereals, low-fat yogurt. Alcohol is better to exclude or restrict dry wine. Portions should remain small.
  • The rule "don't eat before bedtime" has not been canceled.
  • High-calorie, fatty, fried, smoked, salted foods while under a ban. They begin to enter into the diet in small quantities from about 7 days after the diet.
  • Well fix the result of sport activities: fitness, Jogging, dancing, swimming, in General, any physical activity that you like, even charging at home on the Mat.
  • Buckwheat diet should not end too abruptly — menu for the following two weeks are thus, to calorie daily diet does not exceed 1500 cal.
diet contraindications

Contraindications and side effects

By itself, buckwheat has no contraindications. But the diet has.

It is contraindicated in the following diseases:

  • stomach ulcer or duodenum;
  • gastritis, cholecystitis and other diseases of the digestive tract;
  • disease and disruption of the endocrine system;
  • pronounced diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • problems with the joints.

Not recommended diet for children, adolescents, pregnant and nursing women in period of menopause or premenstrual syndrome. In a period of intense physical or mental stress (exams, competitions, delivery of the project) to sit on a diet is not worth it.

Important! Headache and low blood pressure in the early days – a reaction to food without salt, and dizziness, weakness, nausea arise from the lack of sugar.

Myths and reality about buckwheat diet

Wide spread and the popularity of the diet has generated a lot of myths about this product, its properties and effects on the body during weight loss. Consider the main false claims.

Barley is very useful

This much has been written and even more said. Most of the articles about buckwheat diet starts by describing the positive aspects of the product and the story about how much of any utility in the form of vitamins and minerals it contains. But talking about it is only if you consider cereal as part of a healthy varied diet.

Nutritionists refer to diet relatively dangerous and unbalanced. Meager Supplement cereals in the form of yogurt, water or fruit does not satisfy all needs of the body, which also requires certain amount of fats and carbohydrates. After 5-7 days difficult, many begin to climb hair, and nails exfoliate.

Important! Necessarily on strict diets need to choose a multivitamin preparation. Then the side effects will be much less, and feel better.

Take Duovit, or any other complex recommended personal nutritionist. To lose weight starting a week before and a week after the diet. In the process of weight loss vitamins is not affected. Quite the contrary: involved in many adipem ardens processes.

The restriction of eating before and after sleep

Refusal to eat before going to sleep – good advice, but not for the period of strict dieting. And 4 hours of hunger strike and even after waking up – this is the strict version of the diet called intervallum starvation. To withstand it and in the average diet is very difficult.

Do not torture yourself, it is fraught with rapid breakdown and a terrible mood (bad will make his first day on the buckwheat). Your sleep ceases to be strong, and in deprimitur my head is spinning just one annoying thought... well — "to eat".

buckwheat diet rich

Buckwheat diet no hunger

It is believed that buckwheat — a hearty dish (per 100 g of cereal contains about 120 calories), so hunger should not be felt. Only here there is fresh porridge in such quantity that for a long time to feel satiety is practically impossible and this fact after a couple of days not happy.

In addition, the diet, as in General many other makes to completely eliminate sugar. And glucose, as you know, is the energy needed by the body and the brain in particular for stable operation. Allowed a spoonful of honey will not save the situation.

There is a myth that diet crap is not suitable for people with 3 blood group. Believe it or not is up to you. The medical evidence for such a prohibition.

The consequences and results

Buckwheat diet, both in the classical variant, and mixed very effective for weight loss. For the first two or three days the body is "dried", leaves up to 3 kg of excess fluid, and 2 weeks to really throw up to 15 pounds. Most of the girls are kept on a strict menu from 1 to 3 days. If diet to diversify a little bit, add the meat, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, hold out more or less peacefully until 2 weeks. Complicated, but a good diet, what is confirmed by the reviews and results tenuis.

Monotony and lack of taste – the main problems faced on a buckwheat diet. But it is a problem and other mono-diet.

In 2-3 days there is often a weakness. Some already by the end of the first day starts lethargy, possible headaches due to hunger. If symptoms persist after rest, worse, refrain from diet or make it less strict — add a little glucose and vegetable fat.

The result depends on several factors: the state of metabolism, the quantity of excess weight, lifestyle and, of course, the way of eating to diet. If your weight allowance is exceeded not critical, diet for weight loss ensure or minus 10 kg in only two weeks. Lush people, after the diet will lose much more than thin.

So, girls and women weight 55/70 kg for 7-10 days typically lose up to 3 kg; with a weight of 70-80 kg up to 7 kg, over 85 kg – 10 kg. This is excluding 1-2 kg lost in the first day of the liquid, which is recovered immediately at the end of the diet after the return of salt in the diet.

the nutritionists

The nutritionists

Conventionally harmless term strict mono – 3 days. After that, the body begins to rebel. He loses his stocks and is not going to tolerate this. High benefits of buckwheat unloading. If you decide to lose weight it is buckwheat, and the buckwheat diet combined with yogurt. The fermented milk product at least a little will shift the menu to the side balanced. Absolute rejection of salt is also harmful. At least pinch the body needs to obtain. To lose weight should always gently, or even 10 pounds in a week on the buckwheat diet will return with a vengeance.

Tip! Long-term use of the diet be sure to add in the diet of something other than buckwheat: lean meat, vegetables, fruits, fish. The effect will be more persistent, and stress significantly less.

Recipes dietary dishes from buckwheat

Even if diet buckwheat was your favorite cereals, not the fact that after she left. At the end of the first day of the diet in my head will start spinning thoughts "How to make buckwheat tastier without adding calories".

There are several options:

  • crumble the herbs and add the yogurt;
  • during steamings or boiling in water, add a couple Bay leaves, a few peppercorns and a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Come up with something of their own or use ready-made recipes.

Salt-free cocktail

1 soup spoon buckwheat grind in a coffee grinder. Received put the flour in a Cup of yogurt (250 ml), stir and refrigerate for several hours or overnight.

Pancakes made from buckwheat

In a suitable dish mix yogurt and egg, buckwheat flour is added so that the dough has acquired the desired consistency. Pancakes fry on the skillet, adding a little vegetable oil.

Buckwheat steam cakes

buckwheat patties
  • The basis of the beef patties, of course, buckwheat.
  • On the glass the finished porridge add the egg and 2-3 tbsp. buckwheat flour.
  • For flavor you can add chopped greens.
  • With buckwheat well blended mushrooms, which are pre-baked in the oven with onions.
  • Meatballs cooked in a steamer for 10-15 minutes or in the microwave in a glass container under the hood. Optionally add a pinch of salt.


To summarize. The diet is quite effective, but potentially dangerous to health. Experts say that a diet cons outweigh the pros, if the hunger strike lasts more than 7 days.

And remember, dieting should not end gluttony, and the transition to rational nutrition.