Principles of nutrition for gastritis

Gastritis is considered a common disease that affects both adults and children. Treatment of inflammation of the gastric mucosa should be comprehensive: to include recommended medications, physiotherapy and a healthy lifestyle. A leading role in the treatment of diseases plays a diet diet diet gastritis able to mitigate the unpleasant symptoms and to prevent further deterioration of the patient.

nutrition for gastritis

Food for gastritis: the basic principles

Diet is a special diet. It includes food, drinks and meals that spare the gastric mucosa and is able to adjust the intensity of allocation of gastric juice.

Diet for gastritis – it is not just a list of permitted and prohibited products. This is a special approach to nutrition, which involves adherence to important principles:

  • Food restrictions in the first two days of the acute stage of the disease. Some doctors recommend completely to refuse food in the first hours of acute, arrange a fasting day. Allowed cool weak tea and non-carbonated mineral water. This approach will allow the stomach to rest, digest food and recover.
  • From the second day of acute in the diet include oatmeal porridge, jelly, low-fat mashed potatoes and scrambled eggs.
  • To eat fractionally small portions during the day. The optimal mode – 5-6 meals every 3-4 hours. To increase the number of “approaches” and make a lot of breaks between them is not allowed. To eat at night too – the last meal should be 3 hours before bedtime.
  • To drink liquids (tea, juice, water) should be after at least half an hour after a meal. Water reduces the concentration of gastric juices thus hindering digestion. Allowed to drink a glass of water before a meal.
  • It's possible to eat unsalted food and try to cook without salt.
  • Preferably one-component meals for gastritis, which are mixed from several products. The food should be simple and useful – so the stomach will not be overloaded.
  • In the process food you have to chew every bite and every spoon of food will be pre-processing already in the oral cavity, and stomach will be easier to cope with digestion.
  • For preparation of dishes use only fresh products purchased in the audited retail outlets. Otherwise to gastritis can also add the food poisoning with severe toxicity.
  • Give preference to products without preservatives, dyes, food additives and flavor enhancers.

Patients suffering from gastritis, it is not necessary to refuse physical activity. On the contrary, physical exercise with a moderate load, swimming, yoga will contribute to the speedy digestion of food. Also, special attention should be paid to healthy lifestyle – no Smoking, no alcohol consumption, to respect the day.

What can I eat with gastritis

Any diet, including inflammation of the stomach, must provide the body sufficient nutrients and energy to be comprehensive and rational.

Diet with the disease in an acute form has a lot of limitations, but the list of products in General is extensive.

porridge for gastritis


Considered to be the most useful product for patients with gastritis. To start the morning everybody, regardless of the form of the disease, it must be kas. They are rich in carbohydrates, provide the body with energy and minerals and fiber content by improving the function of the stomach and intestines.

  • Oatmeal flakes – the dish is No. 1 in the list of allowed foods for gastritis. Liquid consistency of porridge, cooked in water or milk, helps to relieve stomach spasms and reduces inflammation. Oatmeal is used as a side dish or dessert, adding sugar, permitted fruit and dried fruit.
  • Semolina – easy to boil and has a mucous consistency, promotes the rapid breakdown of carbs, fats and protein.
  • Millet. Millet porridge is rough even after cooking, so make it in small quantities, and hyperacidity gastritis from it should be abandoned.
  • Rice is a gentle grain that when cooked it forms mucus, enveloping the stomach wall. Porridge of minced rice can you eat with acute gastritis with low acidity. If the disease is accompanied by constipation, rice can't be eaten.
  • Barley cereal is well envelops the mucous membrane of the stomach. But you have the right to cook is to boil water, waiting for the complete cooking of cereals with maintaining a liquid consistency meals.
  • Buckwheat is a panacea for hyperacidity. Useful buckwheat, cooked in a milky soup, it is rich in protein and iron.
  • Wheat porridge is allowed in remission of the disease, as hard grains are difficult to digest and irritate the stomach. When cooking achieve perfect cooking and mucous the consistency of porridge.

The first dish for gastritis

Soups, which are included in the diet must be cooked in strong broth. Bones, fat, meat and spices when cooking, do not use. Soup ingredients must be chopped very finely, ideally barbatus in the mashed potatoes. The dish turned out thicker, you can add roasted wheat flour. Get mucous soups, cooked on the basis of oat and rice cereals, with vegetable, but not butter.

What is gastritis from the first dishes:

  • Rice-milk soup with vegetable broth;
  • Potato soup with carrots and olive oil;
  • Slimy rice soup with lean meat and parsley;
  • Chicken soup with carrots, potatoes and dill;
  • Pumpkin soup-puree with water or vegetable broth;
  • Low-fat fish soup made of perch with parsley and carrots;
  • Soup at vulputate broth – beets boiled and put in the dish after cooking.

Connecting imagination and combining approved products for gastritis, you can cook a variety of soups – delicious and healthy.

Fish and meat

fish and meat for gastritis

Fish is the main source of protein in the body, besides its meat is quickly digested and does not overload the digestive system. Unsaturated fatty acids omega-3 restore the affected epithelium of the stomach and act as an antioxidant.

The use of fish for gastritis depends on its fat way of cooking. You are allowed to eat only low-fat varieties of fish: Pollack, hake, perch, sea lemons. and flounder. The product should be eaten only after the heat treatment, with the exception of frying. Fish can be steamed in the slow cooker, to eat boiled to make steam fish cutlets, meatballs, soufflé and soup.

Salt fish if gastritis is forbidden, but in remission it is allowed to eat a small amount of herring exclusively homemade. In this case it is possible to independently control the amount of salt in the product and not to harm the stomach.

Meat is a heavy product and difficult for the body to digest. But diet meats in moderate amounts will contribute to the restoration of the gastric mucosa due to the supply of protein. To the allowed meats include rabbit meat, Turkey, chicken and beef. But under one condition: the product must be low-fat and do not fry. Meat before eating better boiled or steamed, in remission are allowed to eat baked meat products.

Doctors advise not to mix meat with other foods, otherwise the stomach can not cope with the dish.


Raw vegetables are allowed to eat only in the period of remission of the disease. While gastroenterologists advised to keep a food diary in which to note the reaction to each of the types. Vegetables should not contain rough fibres that irritate the gastric wall. They need to be boiled or stewed.

What can I eat gastritis:

  • Orange and red vegetables – pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, yellow pepper, yellow tomatoes, beets and red potatoes;
  • Green vegetables – Brussels sprouts, asparagus, bell pepper, peas and young onions;
  • White and purple – eggplant, cauliflower, parsnips and potatoes.

Green vegetables should be restricted in gastritis with high acidity. Outside of an exacerbation of the pathology is possible to eat cucumbers, peeled and grated on a grater. Vegetables can be prepared not only soups, but also delicious puree, souffle, side dishes, stews, and casseroles.

Fruits, berries, melons

“Fruit” list, what you can and can't eat for gastritis includes the following fruit:

  • Apples. Whenever the acidity of the stomach should only buy the sweet varieties and eat them without the skin and bones. Diet dish considered baked apples – they contain a lot of vitamins and pectin which improve digestion and enhance health.
  • Bananas. A versatile product with any form of gastritis. However, in the acute phase should not eat more than one banana a day half in the morning and evening. In food fit only fruit with a light yellow peel- overslept and green bananas can cause a feeling of heaviness and discomfort in the stomach.
  • Pear. Considered harmless and useful product for the digestive system. They normalize bowel function and eliminate toxins.
  • Watermelon and melon. Small quantities of melons can be included in the diet, but not early varieties. Good to eat only those fruits, which are sold by the end of August – less of nitrates.
  • Raspberry. You can eat in moderation in the barbatus form, it is particularly useful with reduced stomach acidity. The berries make up for the lack of vitamins and minerals.
  • Cherry – allowed in the pathology of the stomach of any type.

All fresh berries and fruits contain acid, which can cause irritation of the gastric mucosa. The following list includes the most secure results. But it is better if they are to undergo heat treatment before inclusion in the diet.

From the berries you can prepare delicious fruit drinks, kissels and compotes, pears and apples to bake. The exception is for lesions with insufficient secretion – these patients can eat citrus, berries and fruits in raw form. To prevent fermentation, the fruit is better to eat separately from the first and second courses.

dairy products and eggs for gastritis

Dairy products and eggs

Dairy must be included in the diet for gastritis. Whole milk as a separate drink eat moderately it hard to digested and digested for a long time. Better add it to tea, cereal, and soups. Useful in gastritis is goat's milk. It is believed that it can reduce inflammation of internal organs.

Good action has and cottage cheese. It is prepared casseroles, wind cheesecakes and dumplings. If you want you can eat fresh cheese – enough to wipe it through a fine sieve.

In the minimum doses allowed the use of cheese – mild and unsalted. To the allowed foods include fermented baked milk and low-fat sour cream, and acidophilus.

Egg omelets are served steamed, boiled, but not boiled and not more than one egg daily.

Flour and sweets

Good effect on the mucous cover of stomach crunches and staled white bread. Crackers can macerate in strong tea. Through the day are allowed to add to the diet nesdobnoe cookies without chocolate or muffins. As a garnish you can eat macaroni and vermicelli.

Allowed sweets:

  • Honey;
  • Puddings of semolina;
  • Homemade jam sweet fruit;
  • Quoque butyrum soufflé;
  • Jelly, natural fruit;
  • Not sour dried fruits, soaked in warm water.


Gastritis is allowed such hortensius juice from sweet apples, cherry, pears, peach, cabbage, tomato and potato. Juices need to be diluted with cold water and drink warm.

Useful for stomach problems, decoction of rose hips, green tea, weak black tea with milk, juice, non-carbonated mineral water, jelly.

That it is impossible for gastritis

Properly structured nutrition when inflammation involves the rejection of foods that irritate the stomach lining, hinder digestion and cause excessive fermentation. With any form of gastritis are prohibited:

  • Rye and freshly baked bread;
  • Fried French fries;
  • All strong fat broths;
  • Hash;
  • Classic soup with tomatoes and zazharkoy;
  • Fried dishes with meat and fish;
  • Meats, sausages and sausages;
  • Fatty varieties of fish, including canned;
  • Sharp salty hard cheese;
  • Glazed cheese;
  • Sour cream and cream of high fat content;
  • Ice cream;
  • Cakes and pastries;
  • The grapes and juice from him;
  • Cabbage;
  • Turnips and radish;
  • Onions;
  • All types of mushrooms;
  • Bean;
  • Rutabaga;
  • Canned, pickled vegetables and pickles;
  • Coffee brew and soluble;
  • Strong brewed tea;
  • Soda and kvass;
  • Chocolate and chocolates;
  • Drinks with chicory;
  • Alcohol;
  • Nuts and seeds;
  • Ginger, and spicy seasonings;
  • All kinds of sauces, mayonnaise, mustard, horseradish
  • Fat;
  • Margarine, confectionery fats and salted butter.

In the preparation of the diet is necessary to conduct diagnosis to determine the level of acidity and secretory function of the stomach. In General, dietary recommendations, nutrition for gastritis with high and low acidity can vary greatly.

diet for gastritis 1 table

Diet is prescribed for the period of exacerbation. As the attenuation of inflammatory processes gradually turn to the usual, but a balanced diet. Restrictions continue to apply to products that may exacerbate pathology and heaviness in the stomach.

Gastritis is one of the few pathologies that can be treated with the help of competently composed diet. Should be patient to reconsider the way of life and attentive to their own health.