Drinking diet menu for every day recipes, results and opinions

Drinking diet is one of the most effective methods of weight loss. It is also called a diet for the lazy (this is due to the lack of physical activity) or model diet.

drinking diet

The main purpose of drinking diet:

  • reducing the burden on the digestive tract;
  • normalization of functioning of internal organs;
  • weight reduction.

Some experts believe this method of weight loss is quite hard, because at the time of its observance you will have to completely abandon solid food.

Like any method of losing weight, drinking has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • efficiency — the ability to “get better” from 7 to 18 kg;
  • the decrease in the volume of the stomach;
  • cleansing of the body.


  • the presence of side effects;
  • strict adherence to the menu.
  • the development of anorexia improper diet.

To side effects include anemia, problems with blood formation, gastritis, deterioration of the skin, decreased immunity.

Types of drinking diets

Principal drinking diet duration:

  • 1 day;
  • 3 days;
  • 7 days;
  • 14 days;
  • 30 days.

According to doctors, the best diet is a seven day. Subject to a 30 day weight loss methods there may be serious health problems.

the principles of drinking diet

The General principles of drinking diet

This technique of weight loss is perfect for people who are accustomed to regularly snack or eat on the run. As its major principles — a clear timetable for the ingestion of food and liquid diet.

First day drinking diet

The most difficult day of the diet first. At this time, you will constantly want something to eat, you will feel fatigue and lack of mood. A characteristic feature of this period is the cleansing of the body. There may also be patches on the tongue, bad breath, discomfort.

Start the weight-loss rate smoothly. Prepare your body, gradually excluding from the diet of harmful products and reducing the amount of portions.

The second day of drinking diet

This day is often compared with the second day of the diet Favorite, which alternate vegetables and drinking days.

At this time you will still feel hungry, but not as sharp as the first day. Mood and health will improve.

What can drinking diet

While weight loss can drink the following beverages:

  • milk that contains low amount of fats;
  • freshly squeezed juices;
  • filtered water;
  • any kind of tea, but no sugar;
  • oatmeal without added sugar;
  • cocktail with the addition of berries, fruits;
  • broth.

Exclude from the diet sweet and carbonated water, cocoa (unless it is chocolate diet).

Diet menu for 7 days

Drinking a seven-day diet — the best option weight loss. It is necessary to pre-prepare.

You can create your own diet menus, combining drinks. In the process of weight reduction the stomach will be reduced, as a result you will be less hungry.

The main recipe of success — the use of drinks during bouts of hunger or thirst. The minimum amount of water per day — two liters.

menu drinking diet

Feed table for the whole day.

Day Products
Monday Low-fat dairy products: milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir
Tuesday Soups: meat, vegetable, fish
Environment Juices: fruit and vegetable, diluted with water.
Thursday Any types of tea
Friday Savoury jelly made from fruits
Saturday Unsweetened compote
Sunday Juices

Diet menu for 14 days

Dieting for two weeks and try gradually to get in and out. After dieting for some time do not eat solid foods because my stomach not used to it anymore.

You can create your own menu at this time, calories should not exceed 1400 Calories per day.

Or use our feed table, menu in split for 2 days.

Day Products
1-2 Low-fat kefir, yogurt, milk, fermented baked milk
3-4 Meat and vegetable broths without salt, seasonings
5-6 Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices
7-8 Tea without sugar
9-10 The jelly of starch, or of any crops
11-12 Compote of dried fruits without sugar
13-14 Fresh juices

Diet menu for 30 days

If you decide to stick with methods weight loss a month, you must consult your doctor about taking vitamins and other minerals the body to gain all the nutrients.

drinking diet menu

After the first week weight loss the body is completely cleansed of harmful substances. In 20 days there will be the cleansing of the liver, the kidneys, on the last days of the diet — cleansing at the cellular level.

Below is a table with food, which must be followed throughout the month.

Meal Products
Breakfast 220 ml low-fat yogurt
Second Breakfast 220 ml fresh orange juice
Lunch Vegetable soup, a mug of green tea
Snack Fruit or berry jelly
Dinner 220 ml low-fat yogurt

The output of drinking diet

A smooth start out of the diet, gradually introducing into the diet of conventional foods. By the time this process should take 2 times more time than the diet itself.

If the course was 14 days, the output is 28 days.

Try as much as possible to refrain from flour production and the first time eating solid food for Breakfast only. Lunch and dinner should be drinking.

Gradually include solid foods in a lunch meal and then dinner.

Choco-drinking diet

This method of weight loss allow you to lose up to 7 kg for 3-7 days. The maximum number of days weight loss — 15, do not exceed this period, otherwise you may have serious health problems.

Include in the diet:

  • cocoa made on milk calorie humilis;
  • hot chocolate no sugar added;
  • filtered water.

A few days before starting the diet, prepare your body. For several days, gradually reduce the amount of portions.

In the day you can drink up to 7 cups of cocoa or hot chocolate, 2 liters of clean water.

Try to smoothly pull out of the diet. The first few days, eat puree fruit, then the vegetables in boiled or stewed. After 2 days, start to eat cereal, cooked with water, with a small amount of butter. Gradually start to enter into the diet of meat and fish but in small quantities.

Yet 2 days later you can return to your usual diet, but in small portions.

For this technique, in addition to weight loss, there are other benefits:

  • a restorative and rejuvenating effect, as cocoa contains antioxidants and theobromine;
  • improve the health of people suffering from asthma, bronchitis, as cocoa contains substances that are useful for respiratory tract;
  • cleansing the body of toxins and impurities if used this way for days of fasting;
  • mood enhancement — the chocolate helps produce the hormone of happiness.
drinking diet contraindications


  • Allergy to components of basic products;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system;
  • renal failure.

How many kg you can throw on drinking diet

The effect of drinking diet aimed at weight loss. The number of lost kilograms depends on the initial weight and the duration of the diet.

Remember, the number of calories consumed per day should not exceed a thousand.

Subject to one-day and three-day diet you can lose up to 3 kg.

For the week

With the proper observance of menu for 7 days you can lose up to 7 kg.

2 weeks

During a two-week weight loss your weight could be reduced by 13 kg.

30 days

The most rigid diet, but the result of it is not small — up to 18 kg.

How to survive and not turn to drinking diet

In compliance with the drinking diet the most important thing is motivation. It will allow you not to break and withstand the whole course of weight reduction.

As soon as you start to leave power, and the desire to eat starchy or sweet will increase, think about that after the diet you will be able to buy the coveted clothes of a smaller size. Read books, watch movies, take interesting and useful, it will help to sustain the entire course of weight reduction.

Is it possible to harm the body

The risk of harm to health in compliance with drinking diet possible in the case of ignoring of the recommendations of the therapist and in the presence of certain diseases such as renal failure, gastrointestinal disease and heart.

The probability of occurrence of anorexia in that case, if you improperly exit the diet.

During weight loss, a decrease in the immune system, decrease hemoglobin levels. May develop gastritis.

Drinking diet results

Drinking method of weight loss has gained much popularity for its effectiveness. She helps women to lose up to 10 kg excess weight, but adhere to this diet carefully and not more than 1 time per year.

reviews and results


Below are reviews of girls who kept drinking diet and decided to share my experience.

Margarita, 19 years old

Sitting on drinking a diet once a year, at the end of the spring to the summer to have a beautiful figure. Usually adhere to this technique for no longer than 3 days. My score was 4 kg in 3 days. I think I'll have to try weekly fasting on drinking diet.

Victoria, 25 years

Kept drinking diet exactly a week, I lost exactly 7 lbs. the First few days I felt bad, pulling in the flour. On day 3, got used to the new diet. Definitely, recommend this diet, but only to those who have no health problems.

Maria, 30 years

Sat for a month on drinking diet, lost 15 kg. Girls, it's something! First, it's difficult. Second, there is a good result, but the skin claudius, now you need to play sports.

Lyudmila, 52

Very rarely observe a diet, prefer to take Reduxine for weight loss. But recently found an interesting article describing drinking diet. Decided to try it, prepare thoroughly. First I reduced the size of the portions 2 of the day was eating half plate instead of full. Then completely switched to the new diet. I sat on the Choco-drinking diet. 3 days lost 3 kg. I Think in the future I'll try to hold out for a few weeks.


  1. Before the diet should consult a physician and familiarization with contraindications to avoid harm to health.
  2. The optimal duration of the diet — 7 days.