How to lose weight correctly and without risk to health

If you have any question: how to lose weight properly, it means you have already had several attempts to lose weight, and the results to which it led, you are not satisfied. Besides, you already know, on your or someone else's experience, that soon after the diet, literally 2-3 weeks old weight quickly returns. Very often the weight even increases.


To start searching recipes new diets that appear every day dozens of that promise and even guarantee a stable weight loss in the short term. And repeats the same as last time.

Why returns to the same weight?

Any sudden restriction in the diet is stressful to the body. If you started with low fat, mostly mono-dieting, the body begins to experience an increased deficit necessary for normal functioning of substances: vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

After drastic weight loss, when you return to usual eating, the body, taught by bitter experience, beginning to stock up on everything you can. Mainly fats as they are a source of energy.

And weight loss of 3-5 kg over 3-7 days is not a reason for optimism. First and foremost, your body begins to use to support the required energy level does not fat stores, and begins the breakdown of proteins, the basic building material of muscle. And there is a sharp loss of water in the body.

The weight dropped, but how do you feel? Usually characterized by a General lack of energy, irritability in the background of the food restrictions problems with the condition of the hair, nails and skin. Particularly affected skin as the face and body. Shortage of water leads to dry, sagging, unsightly folds of skin on the abdomen and thighs, impaired the firmness of the oval of the face and appear early wrinkles.

Weakened muscular system is forced to carry the increased load, supporting the spine and joints. Characterized by frequent headaches and pain in the shoulder region of the spine.

I think it's too unreasonable payback for a few lost kg because bought a new dress that is a bit narrow, or Saturday, for example, need to be in shape, or plan a photo shoot or casting.

Nobody argues with the fact that overweight creates health problems, disrupt emotional balance, often become objects to meet the man, which is interesting.

But whether at the same time, sometimes irreparably, disrupt the function of hormonal, endocrine and reproductive systems? You are very lucky, if such experiments with their health will not disrupt the natural equilibrium in all systems and organs, will not lead to thyroid disease or diabetes, infertility.

weight loss rules

The basic rules of weight loss.

If you firmly, this time, decided to lose weight, you need to:

  • To tune mentally and emotionally that this time you will lose weight longer, but with a stable result, and without harm to the body.
  • You can use the program to reduce weight, tested on my friends, and can make your individual program.
  • To determine your ideal weight and calculate how much weight interfere with your health, well-being, interesting and eventful life, personal happiness, finally.
  • Decide how many months will the process take your proper weight loss. Safe health is weight loss 0.5 kg per week.

Agree that to lose weight by 3-7 kg and 20-30 – are two big differences. If in the first case, you can achieve weight loss over two months, dramatically reduce the weight if to lose weight properly and with a stable end result, it may take six months or even a year.

After all, you went and lived with their excess weight for quite a long time and 6 months is not a long period of time. Besides, you will gradually lose weight. It to lose weight, getting rid of unwanted body fat and not lose weight due to dehydration and destruction of his body.

  • To normalize metabolism in the body: the more intense will be the metabolism, the faster you will burn fat.

For this it is necessary to include in the diet the negative calorie foods, but it is better to go for a special meal for weight loss. Will have to get used to the contrasting soul, to love the sauna, get exercise, learn self-massage of the body and face. When weight reduction is necessary to maintain skin tone, to give her a chance to adjust to the new volume and condition, and self-massage of the body, moreover, not only promotes increased blood flow, but also the elimination of toxins.

  • Make your individual low-calorie menu or the right diet. The principle is simple: energy expenditure must be greater than comes from food and the daily total calorie foods should not exceed 1200-1400 calories.

In order to adhere to this ratio of consumed and of calories, need self-discipline, willpower, consistency of action and purpose.

Only under these conditions you will be able to lose weight, regain a slim figure, maintain muscle elasticity and youth of face and body, straight posture and a positive mood – after all, every day your reflection in the mirror you will like it more. And many health problems, particularly digestive tract, will remain in the past.

  • To try to in the fridge was only useful products, fruits and nuts, ie to follow the basic rules of healthy eating.

To break the habit of eating while watching TV or reading – the feeling of fullness and so only appears after 10-15 minutes after the body needs amounts of food, and if distracted, it can unwittingly daily calorie target to at one time.

a healthy lifestyle
  • In the case of an unsuccessful first attempt to eat healthy, in fact, a way of life, do not reproach and do not blame yourself – breakdowns can be at all. But not all can find the strength to start again or continue. But none of you to lose weight, right or wrong, will not. The only advice: try simultaneously to lose weight with a friend or husband together to lose weight easier because it included the principle of competition and additional control. Perhaps you will help article about the comprehensive weight loss program.
  • Choose for yourself a specific incentive that will make you complete your weight loss program the weight that will be perfect for you. And to plan a gift, a very welcome, from the new experience and update the wardrobe to an interesting trip.
  • Think about her hobby or to study something new so had less free time. This activity must occupy your hands, such as knitting, or thinking, for example, learning a foreign language, professional development, a completely new dimension to your activities.

As you can see, in order to lose weight correctly, needed a completely different approach to weight loss is a complex and systematic, taking into account not only calories, but commitment and psychological factors.

If you have a positive attitude and strong determination to achieve the goal – to lose weight without harm to health, then you will succeed.