Diet for quick weight loss

Fast and effective weight loss possible. Implement it carefully, quickly responding to arising complications. There are most effective diet with which you can reset and 7 kg, and 10 kg, and there is a chance that the weight will never return.

rapid weight loss

Diet for three days

This is a fairly hard method of losing weight. Almost everyone who uses it, constantly dizzy, there is a significant lack of energy, so when working or need to do use this diet carefully, always observing their condition. It is advisable to follow this diet during the holidays or when the pace of life will not be too fast.

With this diet you can get rid of 5 pounds in 3 days. Use this approach to food:

  • 1 day. For all the time you can eat only one small chicken baked. Don't forget to skin him. Cook the meat in its pure form, do not add spices or salt. Serving should be split at least 3 times to eat gradually. On this day, refrain from other food;
  • Day 2. Diet becomes even more rigid. It is necessary to eat 3 times a day, each time using 100 g of veal, which is also served in baked form;
  • Day 3. Completely limit your meals. This is the most difficult day. You can drink only coffee, however, you should not add sugar or milk.

If you follow these recommendations, the result of losing weight will amaze you and others.

A vegetarian diet

This diet helps to get rid of 3 pounds in 3 days. You should eat mostly fresh vegetables and fruit. The rest of the food, including animal products, in specified time should not be used. Are the diet is not only the rapid method of losing weight, but also helps to clean the bowel and to obtain a large amount of vitamins.

1 and 3 consecutive days you must eat only vegetables. In the 2nd day eat only fruit. Stick to the rules of nutrition.


Vegetable day

Fruit day

Breakfast 4 baked tomato, unlimited fruit juice Salad of Apple and citrus fruit, tea or coffee
Lunch Cucumbers, seasoned onions, or green salad, a glass of green tea Salad of Apple, citrus and melon
Dinner Kale, spinach, lemon juice, tea with lemon Salad of Apple, citrus and melon

The performance of this diet can not be called difficult, but it is really effective. The feeling of hunger will occur, however, in order to become more slender, it is possible to sustain such a diet for 3 days.

buckwheat diet

Buckwheat diet

With the help of this diet lose up to 4 pounds in 7 days. This gentle method of weight loss, however, he always acts and has a minimum number of contraindications. All times have to eat only buckwheat. As drinking can use tea, or yogurt.

To cook porridge, you need a special plan. Pour grits into a glass and wash it. Pour in large container and add 4 cups of boiling water. Cover the container and leave it until the next day. This amount of cereal you need to eat the next day. You should not deviate from this norm. It is necessary to provide several meals. So you can provide better absorption of all minerals. Continue this diet for 7 days and will quickly feel the result.

Kefir diet

This is one of the most popular ways of weight loss at the moment. There is a very hard mono-diet, in which it is allowed to eat only yogurt. For those who are not able to master this method of weight loss, there is an easier method, which is combined with the intake of yogurt use another product

Stick to this meal plan:

  1. Within 3 days except yogurt drink exceptionally well-cooked rice.
  2. 4-6 days additionally eat boiled chicken without skin.
  3. 7 to 9, the day use apples.

If you just stick with the specified diet you can lose 6 pounds in 9 days. This is a great result despite the fact that the diet is quite gentle.

Diet prunes

This method of supply for large numbers of people is common, but some of his praise with particular force, arguing that it is absolutely painless achieved excellent results in losing weight. The plum has many positive qualities, among which is the minimum number of calories, fairly easy but effective laxative action, a large percentage of potassium also has many other beneficial trace elements. Diet prunes help to lose weight also considered a treatment. Those who applied it according to the rules, are able to fairly quickly get rid of the toxins and to contribute to the strengthening of the heart muscle.

diet prunes

Some women believe that this diet and its variants are leading in efficiency. Observe the following diet for 4 days. During this time, you will be able to lose about 4 kg To achieve excellent results, it is necessary to adhere to the specified menu.

Meal The first day The second day The third day The fourth day
The first meal Boiled egg, citrus, tea, 2 pieces of prunes Cheese not more than 100 grams, 2 pieces of prunes Classic sandwich with ham and cheese, stuff 3 prunes Oatmeal with milk without boiling, 4pcs plum
The second meal The soup without potatoes, brown bread, walnuts, 8 prunes stuff Soup with no potatoes, black bread, beef 100 g Soup with vegetables, black bread, vegetables, 2 pieces of prunes Soup, bread, tomato, cucumber, 4 pieces of prunes
The third meal Fish subjected to heat treatment, egg, citrus, tea Salad vegetables to eat 2 pieces of prunes Dairy product, bread with 5 pieces of prunes A ham sandwich, raisins with the addition of 6 pieces of prunes

During this diet the person is not experiencing sensations of hunger, while the effect is noticeable almost immediately.

Diet by time of day

This diet is based on the distribution of a certain quantity of food according to the phases of the day. Adapted for women who are unable or unwilling to adhere to strict restrictions. You need to consider the phase of the day in order not to consume excess food, and eliminate malnutrition.

In the morning the human body works best, so that's when you need to consume as a lot food. The hearty ingredients are best to eat for Breakfast after waking up. It is necessary to monitor not only the quantity but also the quality of the food. Preferably in the morning to use products of animal origin, such as fish or ham.

diet for weight loss

Day man should be a fairly energetic, so should not use the refusal of food at this time of day. Eat fish or meat, take vegetable salad, it is not recommended to forget about the liquid dish. For dinner, many feel the need to eat as much as possible but it is impractical. Better beat the hunger. To not feel discomfort, it does not overeat, eat light foods, such as berries, vegetables and fruits. More hearty food, use only in moderation. It is advisable not to consume many calories before bed and finish the last important meal of 18-19 hours.

A recommended diet for a specific period of time, and to take it a rule to eat on this regime. Fixed result from this mode of supply is not, however, it can be roughly calculated according to the principle: the less the calories eaten in a day, the faster progress in the process of weight loss.

In compliance with any diet you should not ignore its rules. Deviations from the basic recommendations can cause the decrease of positive result. The efforts were not in vain, always use only high-quality and healthy foods, not only during diets, but also upon their completion.