Ketogenic diet menu for weight loss

Food, built on the rejection of carbohydrates and increase fat consumption, still causes many disputes among his followers and nutritionists. Ketogenic diet promises that in strict compliance with the rules of moderate physical activity per month, you can lose up to 10 pounds of fat and gain lean muscle. Largely because of this assertion diet has become popular among athletes and those wishing to lose weight quickly.

ketogenic diet

What is keto diet

This principle power to build a lot of similarities with the popular low-carb diet, Atkins, etc. Initially, this scheme of feeding behaviour was used to treat children who suffer from epilepsy. Today, the technique has gained wide popularity and is widely used by women for weight loss, athletes for drying the body and build muscle.

The essence of keto food is to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates, replacing them lack a high content of fats and moderate protein. The carbohydrates arriving in food processed by the body into glucose, much of which goes to nourish the brain, and insulin is the substance needed for processing of glucose into energy in the format of ATP (the universal source of energy that takes part in all biochemical processes).

Glucose accumulates in the subcutaneous fat and muscles in the form of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase or of glycogen. Because in pure form it is used as a primary energy deferred glycogen turns into fat and accumulates. In compliance with the ketogenic diet, the body gradually goes into a state known as ketosis. It occurs in pregnant women and newborn children. Artificially condition can be cause by contacting food that contains high fat and low carbs.

The pros of the diet

Most people can not only safe from time to time to use the keto method, but to follow its principles on a regular basis. In this method of feeding behaviour of adult men and women, athletes are tempted by a lot of advantages. The main pluses are:

  • Effective weight loss and improve the prominence of the muscle. Benefits for losing weight on keto diet is obvious – the body uses instead of glucose as an alternative source of energy subcutaneous fat. The effect of this method of weight loss remains even long after the diet.
  • Lowering blood sugar and reducing insulin resistance. Keto diet helps reduce blood sugar, therefore often prescribed by doctors for the treatment and prevention of diabetes. In addition, many studies show that low-carb food helps people to reduce the level of insulin in the blood to a level standards.
  • Improving mental health and energized. First time going on a diet without carbohydrates, you will feel weakness, drowsiness. So the body adapts to the new circumstances. In a time when the level of ketone bodies in the blood rise, you will notice that your performance has increased.
  • Normalization of eating behavior. Keto method helps to deal with metabolic syndrome – a disease that increases the risk of obesity, heart failure and diabetes mellitus of the second type.
  • The reduction of cholesterol and reduction in the rate of blood pressure. Ketogenic diet normalizes the level of triglycerides and other components of lipid profile may have a positive impact on the level of lipoproteins that will benefit patients with cardiovascular disease.

Types of diet

There are 4 schemes low-carb behavior:

types of keto diets
  • Standard diet involves the consumption of large amounts of fat, moderate protein and minimizing carbohydrates.
  • Cyclic ketogenic diet. Its meaning is that the first 5 days eat foods low in carbohydrates, and the next two days only with a high content.
  • Directed or targeted power scheme was developed specifically for athletes. It should follow the standard rules, but to use the carbohydrates in food to increase endurance before and after training.
  • High protein approach is very similar to the standard scheme of low carbohydrate food with some differences. The level of carbohydrates and fats remains the same, but protein increases to 35%.

Ketogenic diet for weight loss

According to the standard scheme of power in 70-75% of the daily calorie needs to come from fats, 5% from carbohydrates, and 10-15 from protein. These rules are proteins, fats and carbohydrates you need to follow to enter and stay on the level of ketosis right time. The experts put emphasis on the fact that some people can increase the ratio of carbs to 12% and still remain in ketosis.

For weight loss emphasis is done on the fats. It is strictly forbidden to abuse proteins. They are in high doses can be cleaved to glucose (called gluconeogenesis), to slow the process of ketosis. To calculate the protein norm is required in accordance with their weight: for each pound of weight per day should account for not more than 1.8 grams of protein.

The list of allowed foods

From what you eat depends on how quickly you enter a state of ketosis and how long can it last. The ketogenic diet food includes lists of permitted and prohibited foods. Eat:

  • All kinds of meat (poultry, pork, beef, lamb), ham, sausages, eggs. It would be better if these products will be homemade.
  • Fish and seafood. To cook these products it is desirable without the use of breading.
  • Vegetables. Preference is given to green vegetables. Eat tomato, sweet pepper, onion, eggplant, spinach, cucumbers, pumpkins.
  • Fat milk and milk products – cream, cottage cheese, butter, milk, goat cheese. Be wary of dairy products with flavors, it is better to buy natural or homemade whole milk.
  • Nuts, seeds, mushrooms.
  • Yogurt, sourdough, sauerkraut, kefir.
  • Dietary oils – olive, Flaxseed, coconut, almond. Choose unrefined oils from the first pressing.
  • Natural fats – lard, lard, ghee.
  • Spices – Basil, dill, parsley and so on.

What foods are banned

prohibited products

The more restrictions the carbohydrates that you afford, the faster it will begin the process of weight loss. Strictly prohibited all high carbohydrate products. A few exceptions are berries, avocado, guacamole, and carambola, black chocolate 70% – they can be consumed is in moderation. Other banned products include:

  • The sugar and starch. To unsubscribe from need of white or milk chocolate, any baked goods, muffins, ice cream, desserts, biscuits or confectionery products, cereal and granola.
  • Margarine, refined oils. They contain large amounts of questionable use of omega-6 acids and TRANS fats. Banned – soy, corn, sunflower, canola oil, mayonnaise.
  • Fruit or dried fruit. They contain a lot of fructose, sucrose and other sugar derivatives. The only exceptions are sour berries, strawberry, coconut and avocado.
  • Legumes – peas, beans, lentils. The only exception is the chickpea and green pods of beans.
  • Cereals – rye, barley, wheat (pasta, noodles) and other cereals.

Drinks and alcohol

It is strictly forbidden to drink fruit juices (even if they are natural), sweet drinks and mineral water with gas. It is not recommended to drink alcohol. The only exceptions are the dry red wines, savory cocktails and spirits (gin, rum, vodka, whiskey) in moderation. The basis of drinking diet should be:

  • clean water;
  • all varieties of tea;
  • herbal teas according to your taste;
  • cocoa, stevia;
  • organic coffee (welcome, if you drink it you will be with cream).

Menu for the week

To start a keto diet should be a clearly developed plan of action and menu. In the preparation of the diet mention that the first day will have to starve. Allowed to drink only water. This is to ensure that the body is fully used up all the reserves of glucose and has started the development of ketone bodies. after a week the process of losing weight, it is desirable to suspend below the body has recovered himself and led to normal carbohydrate metabolism.

For weight loss repeat the cycle 2-3 times. During this time, you can lose 5 to 15 pounds. For example, take this menu for a week:



Afternoon tea


1 day

Scrambled eggs from three eggs with bacon and tomatoes. Tea with milk no sugar.

Portion of soup Brussels sprouts with mushrooms. Poached chicken breast with braised eggplant and Bulgarian pepper – 200 g

Almonds 40 g, 2 slices of cheese.

Salad from fresh vegetables with sour cream (200 g). 200 - gram salmon steak with spices and lemon. A Cup of yogurt.

Day 2

Fat homemade yogurt and sourdough with walnuts. A Cup of organic coffee with cream.

Beef broth with egg – 1 portion. Beef stew in tomato sauce – 150 g Salad of pickled cabbage with olive oil and onions – 150 g

A glass of fat yogurt.

Fish, stewed in sour cream with onions. 200 grams of brown rice. Tea.

Day 3

Three scrambled eggs with pepper. Coffee with cream.

Ear (without potatoes and other forbidden ingredients) 1 serving. Steak with braised cabbage – 200 g.

Cottage cheese with sour cream – 100 g

Chicken breast baked in the oven with cream and broccoli – 250 g

Day 4

One Apple, 50 grams of walnuts, black tea with milk, yoghurt – 100 g

Fillet of Turkey with cranberry sauce – 150 g Serving of steamed zucchini.

Fat yogurt.

Greek salad – 150 g Grilled fish – 150 g Glass of milk.

Day 5

Protein shake – 1 Cup a handful of nuts.

Soup with chickpeas – 200 ml. cream, cheese – 50 g.

Ryazhenka 1 Cup.

Stew with vegetables beef – 200 g cottage cheese with sour cream and broth hips.

Day 6

100 g of cottage cheese casseroles. Apple. Coffee mug with cream.

Stew with sour cream rabbit – 150 g Asparagus – 100 g Potatoes, 100 g (without potatoes).

Kefir, 30 g almonds.

Vegetable stew – 1 portion. Chicken leg – 80-100 g. Tea.

Day 7

Omelet of two eggs with spinach. Coffee with cream.

Beef broth with meatballs (no flour and potatoes) 1 serving. Azu beef with cabbage – 150 g

Yogurt with walnuts – 80 g

Salad with seafood and Parmesan cheese – 150 g cottage Cheese pudding – 100 g Broth hips.

a state of ketosis

How to reach a state of ketosis

The American developers of the ketogenic diet claim to achieve the state of ketosis just. For this you need to observe a number of points:

  1. To limit the consumption of carbohydrates. Do not think that the remove from the diet have only complex carbohydrates. If you want to achieve really good results, you should reduce consumption of all types of carbohydrates to 35 grams per day.
  2. Controlling the intake of protein foods. Too much protein can cause production of additional glucose that keto is the principle of power is highly undesirable.
  3. Fats in the diet, not converted into extra kilos. If you think otherwise, you are deeply mistaken. Due to the lack of carbs, the body converts fats into energy.
  4. Drink plenty of fluids. This will help to control electrolyte balance. A day is advisable to drink up to four liters of fluid.
  5. Stop making unplanned snacking. The diet needs to go on time. If you want to lose weight, categorically refuse street food.
  6. Start to observe the keto method of weight loss with starvation.
  7. For maximum effect add to the diet exercise. Consider easy fitness, fresh air, group classes in the pool. Take on sport need 20-30 minutes a day.

Possible effects and side effects

The ketogenic diet implies that you follow all the recommendations – to reduce the consumption of carbohydrates, will increase the amount of fat, be sure to drink about four liters of fluid per day. Adverse reactions occur frequently among beginners and more associated with dehydration or lack of vitamins. Make sure you drink a lot and eat foods with good levels of micronutrients. Of adverse reactions may appearance:

  • Cramps – a sign of magnesium deficiency. Often cramps are overcome in the night or in the morning. To get rid of them, experts recommend to replenish the salt and water balance and to Supplement with omega-3 acids.
  • Constipation. Common cause is dehydration. The problem lies on the surface – increase fluid intake. If not, you should use the probiotics, or to increase the intake of fiber.
  • And rapid heartbeat. Start taking a multivitamin with potassium and magnesium, and dietary Supplements.
  • The appearance of dyspepsia – indigestion, acid belching, heartburn. If there were such symptoms, you should try a little to limit the consumption of fats.
  • Itching, scabies. Appear due to irritation of the skin with acetone, which leaves the body with sweat. Most try to take a shower, choose clothes that are not snug to the body.

Contraindications diet

contraindications diet

Keto diet helps you lose up to 15 kilograms of excess weight, but adhere to this method of weight loss is not all. Doctors strictly forbid to follow her rules:

  • during pregnancy;
  • nursing mothers;
  • patients with diabetes mellitus;
  • people with diseases of the liver, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system;
  • children;
  • people of advanced age.