How to lose weight at home effectively: secret to a perfect figure

How to lose weight at home effectively, without exhausting yourself by fasting? This question sooner or later, given every. Regardless of gender and age. Indeed, overweight entails a lot of problems, ranging from hypertension and joint problems, and ending the depression. Of course, ideally, it would be necessary to consult a specialist to be examined, on the basis of which can be tailor-made plan to achieve the perfect figure. But what if there is simply no? Don't despair! We'll show you how to lose weight at home effectively and with long-lasting results.

how to lose weight quickly at home

To lose weight at home: myth or reality?

To lose weight at home is not a myth! This is a real opportunity to bring your body in shape. And you can achieve very impressive results. Decision: need to lose weight! - many now use this method. For example, young mothers are difficult to get out of the house and leave baby in the care of relatives. Some are too busy at work and so tired that can't go to the gym or to schedule a consultation. The third is elementary not have enough money to pay for the services of professionals: the coach and the dietitian will require for the work the "round" sum.

The advantages of home weight loss obvious: every man shall appoint the procedure that it considers most effective for him personally. In addition, it is not necessary to adjust to specific time. If there is a need for a professional massage specialist, you can call home when it is convenient for the client.

Rules for home slimming

Speaking about how to lose weight at home efficiently (without the return of the notorious kilos), you should give some General tips:

  1. drink more water - this rule is based any diet and nutrition system. Yes, and in ordinary life, this advice remains relevant. Because water cleanses the body, stimulates metabolism. In addition, the glass of water consumed a half hour before eating, will help to significantly reduce the portion. There is a diet based on this principle: "lose weight on the water." She has shown its effectiveness. It is proposed to drink two or three glasses of water before Breakfast, lunch and dinner, respectively;
  2. sugar and flour products - banned. Of course, there is the power supply system in which the sweet is allowed (for example, "minus 60") or synthetic sweeteners. You have to choose yourself, but it is worth remembering that the body does not like when I cheat on him. Accordingly, it will require not only sweet in the morning, and substitutes do not raise health is good. If you really want to pamper yourself – it is better to eat dried fruit: dried apricots, prunes or dates. Of course, if it is not contrary to the selected power system;
  3. without exercise good effect to achieve is unlikely to succeed. Any woman who has lost weight without dieting, I would say that the result is directly proportional to physical activity. Do not have to go to the gym (though desirable), you can buy a set of exercises to do at home. Even Jogging or jumping rope will give a positive result;
  4. a positive attitude. Psychological training will help you to relax, not to focus on the problem of excess weight, and correctly and clearly go to the goal. Often you need to present yourself in perfect shape. As you know, the thought is material, so the desired will come true. Motivate even old jeans that once were easily able to climb, or a beautiful dress that suddenly became a little;
  5. before you sleep, no food. Of course, diet and nutrition system is different, but the best thing to do is eat at least 3-4 hours before bedtime. Many say that should not eat after 18 or 19 hours. On the one hand, they are right and don't go to bed at 21-22 hours. Accordingly, it is better to develop a system for the last meal according to their own mode;
  6. once a week is necessary to arrange fasting days. They can be based on any mono diet.

the rules of weight loss home


With the slogan: "Lose weight in a week!"- are the so-called mono. Due to the presence of only one component, the result will be lightning fast. Rarely mono-contains any two products (e.g. buckwheat). As components are used in protein products, cereals, fruits and vegetables. The effect is not only quick result but also in cleansing the body. Number of products diet "lose weight in a week" are divided into the following types:

  • "balanced" is. It is recommended the consumption of two products: yogurt and apples (for the day you can drink 1.5 liters of low-fat yogurt and eat half a kilo of apples), yogurt and cucumber, rice and apples (Cup grits cooked without salt, will also be allowed 2 apples a day). A lot of options. Per week on average, you can lose 5-6 kg;
  • the "fast". Due to the fact that you are using only one component (usually is a product containing slow carbs) is extremely distressing. Sit on it can be no more than five days.

The most common quick mono:

  • buckwheat;
  • kefir (only allowed 2 liters of low-fat yogurt);
  • fishing (permit any fish, cooked without butter);
  • watermelon (the calculation is as follows: 1 kg of watermelon for every 10 kg of weight).

Any mono-diet – a big stress for the body. To the ill-fated weight did not return immediately, you must stick to the diet, i.e. to add one product every day. Naturally, this does not should be fried potatoes or fatty meat. Better to give preference to vegetables and fruits, low-calorie cereals on the water, for example, oat.

Short-term diet

How to lose weight quickly if you eat a week one or two of the product is not strong enough? You can try the diet based on balanced nutrition. Let us examine the most effective and most easily transported:

  1. "favorite diet". Based on the daily alternation of products. Consistency to break it is forbidden. Lasts for a week (7 day out). On the first day, you must drink any liquid (not sweet) tea, milk, yogurt, broth (meat and vegetables), coffee. On the second day you should eat vegetables in any kind and quantity (better, of course, crude). Particular preference is given to the cabbage. The third day repeated the first, drinking. The fourth should eat fruits, citrus better. On the fifth – any protein: cooked without oil meat, fish and poultry, also cottage cheese, yogurt without additives and so on. On the sixth day, again consumed any liquid, on the seventh to leave the diet. Allowed boiled eggs, low-fat soups, dairy products, cereal with water, vegetables and fruits. If you observe properly, you can lose up to 7 kilograms;
  2. another such diet "6 petals". It was developed by a nutritionist from Sweden. Here, the emphasis is not only on "cheat" days the body with proteins and carbohydrates (due to this diet is well tolerated), but also on the psychological aspect. You must cut the flower of 6 petals which sign products and number of days. Removing petal by petal, one becomes closer to the target, proud of himself - another day of failure behind;
  3. "the Japanese diet" also showed high efficiency. It is more complex. So, the day you need to eat some amount of fish, meat, boiled eggs, vegetables and fruits, drink tea or coffee. The menu is very diverse and balanced in such a way that you can easily throw up to 16 kg;
  4. a very popular "diet Larisa Dolina". The main thing in it – to eat at a certain time, to drink a day for 500 grams of low-fat yogurt. Each day represents a mono-diet: baked potatoes, cottage cheese, fruits, chicken meat, mineral water – these are the components of the diet each day.

the effect of diet

Power system: what is it?

If you wonder: how to lose weight 20 kg or more - the answer is obvious - to find dietary nutrition. Each of them put years of work of doctors-dieticians, weight loss process will go gradually, not abruptly. If you follow such a diet permanently, the weight will gradually come to normal and won't be back.

All systems are built to certain limitations and principles. Somewhere is allowed only protein foods, somewhere separate food or eating raw vegetables.

As for the General points, it is assumed the use of water in large quantities (usually the same as in the diet "lose weight on the water"), limiting sugar, white flour products, the prescribed mandatory exercise and complementary treatments: scrubs, wraps, massages.

Thus, the power supply system is a whole complex of measures. To consider it a diet is quite wrong. Subsequently, this style of eating becomes a way of life. Let us examine the most popular diet system food that help how to lose weight at home effectively, and to join the healthy way of life.

"Minus 60"

Catherine Mirimanova lost weight without dieting 60 pounds, she is the author of the eponymous technique of power, which is as follows.

Each meal is according to certain rules. Breakfast (provided that it occurs before 12pm), you can use everything, even the sweet "forbidden" foods. On the dining table should be the dishes on the principles of food combining: meat and other proteins can not be mixed with potatoes or pasta. For example, if you cooked soup in meat broth, then dressed it without pasta and potatoes. For dinner the same (which is to be held no later than 18:00) there are a few options to replace things you can't. For example, cheese, milk and rye croutons or meat only (chicken, fish).

Mirimanova encourages the use of scrubs, to do physical exercise. This power system can become a way of life, will help to keep your body in the future without resorting to diets.

The Dukan Diet


The Dukan diet is the low carb diet. It will satisfy all the meat lovers, cheese and other similar products. Many appreciate her regularity and consistency.

During the diet is divided into some stages. First, "attack", is directed to a rapid loss of extra pounds. This happens due to eating exclusively protein products. On ("cruise", or "striping") are working hard to get closer to our ideal weight. This allows the use of small amounts of carbohydrates. Very important phase – "consolidation" - it will not allow the return of lost pounds. And then – "stabilizing" - according to the principles of this phase, Dr. Dukan offers to eat all his life.

Besides water, you must eat oat bran that will help the digestive tract to cope with an abundance of protein. Dukan also allows you to use the sugar substitutes. They also regulated the compulsory physical activity at every stage, from 20 to 30 minutes a day.

Physical activity at home

Any diet involves physical activity. If neglected, the body will lose weight, but it will be ugly. In order to tighten the skin and lead to muscle tone, not necessarily to go to the gym. You can do at home. Here are the most accessible means of physical activity:

  1. walking. You need to walk at a fast enough rate of at least 25-30 minutes a day. You can use special devices, for example, Nordic walking poles;
  2. jumping rope. 15 minutes of jumping will help to bring the muscles in tone and to get rid of excess calories;
  3. Hoop, or hula-Hoop. Especially useful for those who struggle with excess fat around the waist;
  4. a morning jog. Will not only lose weight but also to get prepared for the coming day;
  5. yoga or breathing exercises is particularly accessible techniques that will result in the order not only the shape but also the inner world.

Additional procedures

jump rope for weight loss

The struggle for beautiful skin during the diet is not only exercise, but also a range of beauty treatments. It is no secret that if you lose weight great weight, there may be troubles such as stretch marks or saggy skin. To avoid such problems will help the following procedures:

  1. "slim with soda". Baths with this product is very effective and popular. Contained in the soda will help excrete water, "disperse" the metabolism. Attention! The treatments have contra-indications: Oncology, hypertension, pregnancy;
  2. wraps. For them fit the usual food film. The body can be applied as special products and natural honey, herbal and essential oils, clay, etc.;
  3. scrubs. In addition to industrial, highly effective body scrub based on ground coffee: this product is able to activate the processes in the subcutaneous layer, tighten the skin, to give it tone;
  4. creams. Particularly effective anti-stretch mark cream with mumie. Cook it very simply: in the jar of your favorite skin cream to dissolve a piece of this valuable product;
  5. massages. Perhaps this is the most effective way to combat sagging skin and cellulite. Especially if you get the result you need in the shortest possible time.