Diet for the lazy: the system on the water for effective weight loss

Someone to lose weight interfere with work schedule. Someone is gaining weight because of the frequent feasts and meetings with friends. Often the cause of obesity is banal overeating, absence of the low-calorie foods or will power. Diet for lazy is the simplest and easy way to get in shape. This system will help to lose weight regardless of the reasons for its appearance.

diet for the lazy

What is the diet

Lazy diet – at the same time cunning and clever system, which works in several directions. It helps to lose weight comfortably, without trauma, with minimal risk of failure. The main advantages of the diet:

  1. No need to think of a menu, to buy diet food, choose the method of heat treatment. You can eat any food, but only by the rules.
  2. Caloric content of water is zero, while it fills the volume of the stomach. Subject to system does not occur strong sense of hunger to lose weight on a diet is comfortable.
  3. Plenty of fluids helps to cleanse the body, positively affects the skin, the blood, the internal organs.
  4. Water speeds up metabolism. Calories eaten will be faster to process into energy burned by the body.
  5. Water gives energy, awakens the body, improves overall health, struggling with drowsiness.
  6. No need to change your way of life. Water diet is not burdensome, it is possible to follow at home, at work, on vacation. It does not require special training.

Still one of the biggest advantages – this diet don't have to limit yourself to food during the holidays and fun activities. Just need to take care of the reception put liquid in advance and lose weight.

The essence of the diet lies in drinking two glasses of water 20-30 minutes before each meal, regardless of the caloric content of food, method of food processing and portion size. You can not drink liquid during meals or immediately thereafter. Within 1 hour after a meal, preferably nothing at all to drink in order not to complicate the digestion.

How much can you lose on a lazy diet

On this system there is no guarantee of getting rid of 2, 5, 10 kg in a week, month or year. Weight loss is an individual process, all of it is different and depends on many factors. The slimming effect:

  1. Used food. You can eat any dishes, but we should remember that the abundance of sweet and fat will slow the process. Also a large amount of salt will negate all the efforts.
  2. The amount of excess weight. Than a leaner and thinner the person, the slower his body parts with excess weight. Fat people the process is much faster, especially in the beginning.
  3. Age. Young people to lose weight easier. With age metabolic processes in the body slow down.

One person on a lazy diet maybe for a week to lose 1kg, the other will go from 5 kg. of Partially the result depends on their own efforts. Do not forget about physical activity. The more calories you burn, the quicker and shorter road to the figure of dreams. Moreover, the sport will not allow the skin to become flabby, lose elasticity. This is especially important if people started losing the weight with great weight or in adulthood.

diet on the water

The basic rules of the diet

Lazy diet does not have a period, can last from several weeks to several years depending on the amount of excess weight and desired results. And they really were not forced to wait, you need to follow the system. Basic rules:

  1. Drinking before meals is used only pure water without gas. After a meal, but not earlier than an hour, you can drink herbal teas, tea, coffee and other beverages.
  2. Water should be eaten warm or at room temperature. Such a fluid will accelerate the metabolism, which is especially important when the lazy diet that adjusts the body at a subsequent meal, will start the digestive organs.
  3. You should drink water before any meal, even a snack of fruit or seeds. And especially before eating sweets, pastry dishes. Often, after the liquid and the waiting time was the desire to eat something forbidden is gone.

Not to forget to follow the rules and drink before meals, need to have always at hand the water. It is desirable to have a bottle of desired volume, as it is not always possible to measure liquid cups or other means.

Sample menu diet for the lazy

There is everything and no restrictions – this does not mean that after 400 g of water can be consumed 2 chocolate bars or eat a jar of pickles. Any approach needs to be literate, and food to satisfy all the needs of the body. A balanced diet reduces the risk of breakdown and the occurrence of troubles of the digestive system.

Menu for one day:

08.00 – drink 2 glasses of water
08.30 - Breakfast: a serving of any cereal, fruit
10.00 - water
10.30 am - snack: cottage cheese with dried fruit or berries
12.30 - water
13.00 - lunch: any first course, second course (but not more than 400 g)
15.00 - water
15.30 - afternoon snack: vegetable salad or yogurt
18.00 - water
18.30 - dinner: fish or meat with any side dish of cereals, vegetables, pasta

The diet allows for lazy at night to drink milk drinks. Liquid after 19.00 it is desirable to limit, drink water when you get thirsty.

Remember: the Water will be to drink much more interesting and more useful if you could add a little lemon juice. The citrus is not recommended to eat separately from the main meals.

Contraindications for lazy diet

A large amount of fluid helps to wash away from the body of nutrients, in particular calcium, sodium, magnesium. Therefore, it is recommended to take vitamin-mineral complex. Contraindications to the diet:

  • diet for the lazy not shown during pregnancy, especially late pregnancy, and breastfeeding;
  • diseases of the kidney, bladder and other problems of the excretory system;
  • a deficiency of calcium in the body;
  • children up to age 16 years.

People who have problems with the cardiovascular system, before the diet should consult a doctor. Do not use this method of weight loss for those who hardly drinks water and does not like to do it. With 6 meals daily, the number will reach at least 2.5 litres excluding other liquids in food and drinks. Not all the strength as much to drink.

If you can not see the result. What could be the reason

Water diet will inevitably lead to loss of pounds. If the weight does not go away, you need to review the rules to find their mistakes. Common reasons for the lack of result:

  1. Unplanned snacking. Random cookies or candy without prior use of water violates system the lazy diet.
  2. Insufficient amount of water. You need to drink no less than 2 standard glasses before main meals, it is 400 ml. in Front of a small snack can be limited to half of normal.
  3. The female cycle. Perhaps the diet was started 10-12 days before menstruation. In this case, the body simply stores the liquid, you need to wait a bit. After the third day of the cycle should appear plumb.

If pounds first left, and then stopped, most likely, came the stage of "plateau". It is necessary for the body to recover, to get stronger, to adapt to functioning in new weight. It is important not to stop this diet, to follow on. Not to worry, you can stop weighing. If the weight is a few weeks on one level, it is better to arrange a fasting day (yogurt, for example).