How to lose weight without harm to health: useful tips

Hateful kilograms spoil the figure, lead to a number of dangerous diseases (arrhythmia, disruption of the vascular system, unstable blood pressure, and so on). All this drives a person into horror, prompting them to look for all kinds of ways to lose weight. It is important to understand that an incorrectly selected diet or non-observance of important aspects leads to even greater health problems. You need to know when to stop, then weight loss will take place without stress for the body.

Lose weight gradually

Don't look at glossy magazine covers featuring skinny models. As a rule, they ruin their health by smoking a couple of cigarettes for lunch. Get ready physically and mentally for the process of losing weight, increase walking, instead of the bus, go a few stops on foot. Put in your head the idea that soon you will completely change your lifestyle and become a different person. Tune in to a positive mood.

You cannot lose 20 kg at once in 3 months, weight loss should proceed gradually. The ideal option is weight loss for a period of 6 months or more (subject to 10+ extra pounds). Nutritionists equate quick weight loss with shock therapy. As the body sinks into imbalance and stress, losing weight will not bring you joy for certain reasons. Let's consider them in more detail.

The negative effects of losing weight in a short time

  1. A sharp change in body weight contributes to a slow and incorrect metabolism. Internal organs are not able to rebuild so quickly in a new way, which is why failures occur. The body has been accumulating fats for years, and when there is a sharp decrease in weight, the metabolism automatically slows down (as a result of a protective reaction). After that, you begin to eat normally again, without overeating or eating prohibited foods. However, the body again speeds up metabolism and stores in its reserves 2 times more fat. In this way, he tries to compensate for the losses. For these reasons, people who are dramatically losing weight often return to their previous weight and put 4-5 kg ​​on top. "For a present".
  2. The liver is overloaded. Not many people think about how much the liver passes through itself in an attempt to rid the body of harmful substances. The main function of this internal organ is to cleanse the body of decay products and toxins. With moderate weight loss, the liver copes with the load and successfully disposes of waste. If weight loss is rapid, this leads to poisoning of the body and slagging, since the body cannot physically cope with the task.
  3. In addition to slow metabolism and impaired liver function, rapid weight loss leaves behind saggy skin. It is not so easy to remove it, this is due to the lack of collagen and elastin fibers, which also did not have time to adapt to the changes. First of all, the consequences affect the face, abdomen, arms, thighs and buttocks.
  4. With the abuse of strict diets, vitamin deficiency develops. For example, vitamin D is made for the absorption and breakdown of fat, if your diet lacks it, vitamin D will not be absorbed. The same applies to hair and nails, skin, teeth and gums, which depend on different vitamins. You are attacked by a flaky epidermis, dull hair, brittle nails, and in general, the immune system will decrease. The body cannot make antibodies that protect against viruses and bacteria.
  5. Due to a sharp weight loss, blood pressure begins to jump, memory worsens, a person lacks strength and apathy appears. In cases where you are on a diet low in fast and slow carbohydrates, there is a lack of glucose. Deficiency leads to starvation of brain tissue, weakening of vascular and muscle tone. The person begins to suffer from a headache, which soon turns into a migraine. Lack of energy leads to impaired attention and weakening of the body as a whole.

Don't starve

Don't give up food in any way. The recommendation is especially relevant for people suffering from diseases of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, diabetes, tuberculosis. In the last two cases, such weight loss is fatal. As a result of starvation, fat is broken down only by 18-22%, the volumes are lost due to the reduction of water, the removal of proteins, salts and minerals, which are necessary for the body to function properly.

What does refusal of food lead to

  1. The body begins to swell due to protein deficiency. Tissues absorb liquid if you sit on strict diets for a long time, implying only the use of fruits and vegetables, dairy products (drinking), buckwheat. Since food contains few proteins, the body is not able to absorb them into the blood as before.
  2. Due to a strong loss of minerals, the work of the heart is disrupted, a partial blockage of blood vessels occurs, and the state of the endocrine and nervous systems deteriorates. According to statistics, after the advertised rigid methods of losing weight, it will take more than 1. 5 years to restore the body.
  3. Along with a sharp weight loss, an exacerbation of chronic diseases begins. Losing weight begins to experience intense hunger, severe headaches appear (in particular, migraines), and significantly reduced efficiency and mental activity.
  4. After a certain time, a white or yellow plaque forms on the tongue, urine has a pronounced smell of acetone, which indicates the development of acidosis.
  5. The skin all over the body begins to peel off, despite the high water content in the body. The nail plate exfoliates and breaks, the hair loses its former shine and falls out intensively.
  6. Due to electrolyte imbalance, convulsions often occur, fainting begins, blood flow is disturbed and the tone of the vascular system is reduced.

How to lose weight without harm to health

After examining the consequences of not eating and losing weight dramatically, you are clearly presenting a dire picture. To avoid this, study the important aspects and recommendations.

Stage 1. Follow your drinking regime

During the fight against excess weight, you need to not only drink more, but also do it right. Drink at least 2. 6-3. 0 liters of liquid per day, of which at least 2 liters should be pure water (filtered or mineral water without gas).

In this case, you must forever stop using juices in packages, fruit drinks of dubious composition, carbonated drinks, black tea (not leaf). Lay on purified water, diluted fresh juices (50: 50), green and herbal teas. Homemade compote can be drunk, but in moderation and without sugar. Pure coffee must be diluted with low-fat milk.

Drink 350 ml before each meal. water with lemon juice. Water is a source of healthy skin and proper functioning of internal organs, it saturates the body with moisture, as a result of which metabolism is accelerated and food is more easily absorbed. Drink not cold water, but only at room temperature. In summer, you can drink it warm to quench your thirst faster.

Stage # 2. Take a course of vitamins

Any weight loss in one way or another is stressful for the body. It doesn't matter if you are on a diet or eat fractionally in small portions. The slightest changes mislead the body, due to which it is harder to rebuild in a different way. To help the internal organs, it is necessary to drink a course of multivitamins once every 4 months for general health.

As a rule, the method is designed for 2 months, therefore, you need to purchase about 2 packs (60 tablets). In addition, buy badger or fish oil, they have a beneficial effect on the lungs, skin, hair, nails, teeth. They remove mucus from the respiratory tract (especially important for smokers), stabilize blood pressure and heart function.

Stage 3. Go in for sports

Physical activity is not recommended for people on strict exhausting diets. Since we have already sorted out the negative consequences of losing weight of this kind, sports are not contraindicated for you. Sign up for a gym or aerobic room, start running in the evenings (after 6 pm), or buy a bike.

Girls are encouraged to sign up for dancing, stretching (stretching the muscles), Pilates (breathing aerobics), swimming, gymnastics. It is important that sports are not a burden, only then physical activity, along with proper nutrition, will lead to correct and long-awaited weight loss.

Stage 4. Adjust your daily diet

Correct weight loss does not imply strict requirements and restrictions, you only need to change the menu so that it contains all the necessary micro and macro elements, minerals, vitamins. Below you will find important aspects that, in combination with sports, a course of multivitamins and the correct drinking regime, will help get rid of the hated kilograms without harm to health.

  1. Start keeping a diary, write down the menu in it for 7 days in advance. After that, make a list of the necessary products and go shopping. Always keep your refrigerator full of wholesome food to avoid unhealthy snacks.
  2. Find on the Internet a table of the energy value of products and proceed from it. Calculate the permissible calorie intake for your figure, adhere to the rules. Count calories, make the menu in such a way as not to go beyond. For example, if in your case it is allowed to consume 2000 Kcal, it means that you need to add another 500 Kcal to this number and burn them through physical exertion.
  3. Remember, the basis of proper nutrition is the frequency of eating (at least 5 times a day). Eat little and often, for 1 meal the body absorbs no more than 450 Kcal, therefore, calculate portions based on this indicator.
  4. You shouldn't sit down at the table late in the evening, watch your biological clock. The last meal should be no later than 4 hours before going to bed. Dinner should be light foods. Eat at least 400 grams every day. fresh vegetables and 350 gr. fruit.
  5. Completely exclude from the menu semi-finished products, homemade twists and pickles, sausage and trans fats (fast food, dumplings, dumplings, ready-made meals). It is better to lean on fish and meat, they take longer to digest (3-4 hours), which allows you to keep the feeling of satiety. Be sure to skin the meat.
  6. Unload once in the middle of the week. Do not starve at this time, eat light foods. These include fruits, low-fat cottage cheese, steamed vegetables and in their own juice.
  7. Gradually reduce portions, do not do it right away, reduce the amount you eat gradually. For example, in the first week, reduce 100 Kcal, in the second - 150. The stomach holds about 300 grams. food, in all other cases, he stretches it. Try to make sure that the portion of the food fits into the glass.
  8. Have a snack between meals. For these purposes, nuts, milk, fruits, cereals are suitable. Do not take food while watching TV, concentrate completely on the process in silence.
  9. Get a steamer or multicooker, cook food in foil or baking bags using the oven.
  10. Make sure your daily menu contains as much calcium as possible. Lay on hard, low-fat cheese, cottage cheese, eggs. Drink celery juices (freshly squeezed). Do not forget about the right carbohydrates, which are found in porridge, cereals and legumes.

In order not to harm the body and not disable the work of internal organs, you need to give up mono-diets for a cut. Lose weight gradually, stay healthy, drink plenty of fluids. Go in for sports, eat protein foods, the right carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits.