How to permanently remove the stomach and sides at home: a set of exercises

fat on the sides

I am glad to welcome you to the site again! In my opinion, the most problematic areas of our body are the sides and stomach. I don’t know about you, but I’m for sure.

Since childhood I have been accustomed to doing some kind of sport with slight deviations, but I keep myself in shape.

But abdominal exercises have always been a problem for me. That is why I periodically select and study new exercises for losing weight on the abdomen and sides.

In today's review, I will share with you some of my experiences and effective complexes that you can do at home.

Types of ab exercises

So, first, let's look at what exercises are for especially problematic areas of our body:

  1. Physical exercises are easy to do at home. They help destroy body fat and tighten and strengthen the muscles in the abdomen and sides. These are exercises for the press, plank and twisting. They are complemented with special meals and more dynamic activities such as shaping.
  2. Breathing are oxisize and body flex exercises. They are based on special breathing.
  3. The use of weights helps to increase the required loads by using weights. It is recommended to combine them with a cardio load.

Causes of fatty layers on the sides and on the abdomen

fat folds on the abdomen

Now let's look at the main reasons for the appearance of fatty layers in these areas. In fact, nature provides for a small accumulation of deposits to protect the internal organs and bones.

But if there is a lot of fat, then it is not only a threat to beauty, but also to health.

So, let's find out the causes of the problem:

  1. Bad metabolic processes. With age, for example, after 50 years, the metabolism begins to slow down, which leads to excess weight.
  2. Genetics. Fat cells are determined by genes. If your grandparents had weight problems, then the same troubles will happen to you. At the same time, if you have a pear-shaped figure, then fat will accumulate in the area of \ u200b \ u200bthe hips and buttocks. And for the apple figure, the accumulation of deposits in the waist area is more characteristic.
  3. Inactivity and poor posture during sedentary work also contribute to the accumulation of fat in the lower part.
  4. Overeating is the most common cause. If plus you move very little, then the weight will gain in the near future.
  5. Stressful situations can provoke the appearance of fatty layer on the waist. In addition, some diseases also cause the formation of the abdomen.
  6. Flabby muscles can cause excess build-up in this area.
  7. Hormonal changes affect weight gain.

Most Effective Exercises

the most effective exercises

Before any workout, be sure to warm up your body.
The most effective exercises can be done at home. You don't have to go to the gym to do this.

You can include such movements in the main complex:

  1. Traditional squats. The exercise is performed from a standing position. Put your feet shoulder-width apart and squat, stretching your arms forward. Then stand up straight again. Squatting is done while inhaling, and lifting is done while exhaling. You need to repeat 15 times.
  2. Twisting. It should be done while lying on the floor. In this case, it is necessary to firmly press the lower back to the floor. Bend your legs at the knees and put your hands under your head. As you exhale, lift your shoulder blades and head off the floor. At the top, tighten your waist and freeze for 5 seconds. Then exhale and return to the original position. It will take 15 repetitions. This exercise strengthens the rectus abdominis muscles well.
  3. Bicycle. Sit on the floor. Raise your legs at a 30 degree angle and start pedaling. The approach is performed for 1 minute, and then you need to rest for a couple of minutes and repeat again.
  4. Feet writing. Sit on the floor and put your hands on the floor. Raise your joined legs, and then draw numbers from 0 to 9 with them. You can do 3 repetitions.
  5. Tapping Leg Raises. It is done on the floor on the back. Extend your legs about 30 cm above the surface, and then tap with your feet 3-5 times. Then take the original position. You need to do 9 repetitions.
  6. Ascents. Lie on the floor and bend your knees. As you inhale, push your pelvis forward. At the high point of the lift, linger for a few seconds and tense the muscles. Then exhale and lower your pelvis. Do 10 reps.
  7. Hoop. Or, as it is called, the hula-hoop can be purchased with a lot of weight and different attachments. Its weight must be at least 1-2 kg. The device should be turned clockwise and counterclockwise. Such activities will get rid of sagging skin and even cellulite. In addition, the activity of the vestibular apparatus is activated.
  8. Body lifts. Lie on your back again. From this state, you need to sit down and bend forward until your fingers reach your feet. In this case, you should ascend while inhaling, and descend as you exhale.
  9. Simple static exercise. It can be done in any position. As you inhale, the muscles should be tightened and the stomach should be drawn in. You should stay in this position for 10 seconds. After resting, the exercise can be repeated 10 times.

Some of the exercises can be seen in the photo. This complex is especially useful for women. As the reviews confirm, you can lose weight very quickly if you add rational nutrition to regular loads.

side plank exercise

First results can be achieved in 10 days.

Useful tips

To prevent excess weight in the future, follow these rules of a healthy lifestyle:

  1. While eating, you should not be distracted by other things or negative emotions.
  2. Get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger and do not overeat.
  3. You should eat 5-6 times a day.
  4. Before going to bed, it is better to drink low-fat kefir.
  5. If you experience severe hunger between meals, you can drink a glass of water. This will get rid of hunger for a couple of hours.
  6. Exercise should be regular. Simple exercises work wonders.

Bodyflex Technique

bodyflex technique

Bodyflex is suitable for both women and men. This technique is effective for the abdomen due to deep breathing.

Oxygen enters the body, which enriches the blood.

In this case, the stomach can fall in 3 days. The positive effect of gymnastics is also due to the fact that the internal muscles work, and the effect is on the stomach.

So let's take a look at basic body flex breathing. First, a smooth and calm exhalation is made. In this case, the lips should be closed.

A sharp and strong breath is taken through the nose. After inhaling, you need to push out all the air with an exhalation and the sound"groin".

Then the breath is held for 8 seconds. In this case, the stomach should be drawn in, pressed against the spine, and the chin should be lowered to the chest. Then relaxation.
Then you can do the following exercises:

  1. A simple abdominal and shoulder scissors exercise. To do this, lie on your back, put your hands, palms down, under the buttocks. Then you do basic breathing and, while holding your legs, raise them above the floor and simulate a scissor movement. Perform each approach for 10 accounts. There should be 3 of them in total.
  2. Place your feet shoulder-width apart and hold your palms above the knees. Hold your breath, lower your left hand and place your elbow on your knee. Move your right leg to the side and lift your right leg. At the same time, feel the muscle stretch.
  3. In the supine position, bend your knees and press your feet to the floor. Raising your arms up, do the breathing exercise. At the same time, stretch your straight arms forward. Then go back. The movement is done on 10 accounts. In total, 3 approaches are needed.

Yoga to Help

You can also fight body fat with yoga. Weight loss is observed after the first weeks of regular exercise.

This is due to the improvement in the functioning of all systems:

  1. Decreased appetite.
  2. Metabolism is restored.
  3. General condition improves.
  4. Edema disappears.
  5. The skin becomes more elastic.
  6. Sleep and blood pressure are normalized.

For example, it is recommended to do the cobra pose (bhujangasana). It strengthens the abdominal muscles and makes the back more flexible.

To do this, lie on your stomach and rest on your palms. As you inhale, lift your torso and arch your back. Lock the position for25-30 seconds. Exhale gently and return to the original position. Do it 5 times.
The bow pose (dhanurasana) strengthens the central abdomen. At run time. You can swing your body back and forth.

This stimulates digestion. In a supine position on your stomach, lift your shins up and grab your ankles with your hands.

yoga for weight loss

As you inhale, lift your pelvis and chest as far as possible from the floor. The pose must be held up to30 seconds. As you exhale, take the previous position. You need to do5 repetitions.
To remove fat from the waist, try the boat pose (naukasana). To do this, you need to sit on your back.

Then, as you inhale, lift your legs and reach for them with your arms. The position must be fixed for15 seconds. Do5 reps.

Remember that there are a large number of techniques and all kinds of techniques for the abdomen and sides, but you need to make the exercises enjoyable and enjoyable.

You can do yoga, body flex, jogging or go to the pool. But the real result will be with the regularity of the classes and a positive mood during them.
If you want to add something interesting, then write in the comments. That's all for today.

See you soon interesting meetings friends!