How to lose weight at home fast without dieting?

Recipes quick weight loss there is a huge number, and each has its individual secret: some limit themselves in power, sometimes ruthlessly, other to exhaustion wearing down physical exercise, which is the joy of experiencing immense fatigue, and others are moving to the use of products that help burn the fats and widely advertised drugs quick action.

In any case, the fight against obesity is a daily work, aimed at a radical change of everyday life. The basic principle of it is moderation, gradual and sensible approach, because excessive zeal can harm the body. It is not necessary to exhaust yourself diets, consisting in a sharp decrease in the amount of food, because the body under the influence of sudden stress will begin to accumulate fat for a "rainy day". And this, in turn, will lead to constant hunger, bad mood, and the appearance of anger on all and Sundry.

Ways to get rid of unwanted pounds

The primary rules for guaranteed weight loss, ways to lose weight at home:

Pugna contra adips
  • Frequent meals in small amounts, contributing to the avoidance of excessive stretching of the stomach. Otherwise, it increases, and people to feed, forced to eat more. Therefore, enter the habit of five meals in small portions, about 200 grams at a time.
  • Eat small bites and chewing food thoroughly. This is due to the fact that the signal of saturation, the stomach sends to the brain immediately, so the person eats a much larger portion than you want.
  • Replacing the usual products on more useful, but least favorite. Most importantly, to do it gradually and slowly, smoothing thus the process itself. For example, with whole milk you can gradually switch to skim, fat prefer bacon to ham. You need to give up sweet, oily; instead of white bread, eat rye. As an alternative, replace the juices and sweet soda water to prefer fruits and vegetables fresh. That is, the required change in volume of milk and its content.
  • To lose weight at home, you can use the rule "minus 25%": in each of the usual portions of the fourth part shall be low-calorie vegetables: cabbage, lettuce, celery, carrots, beets. In addition to reducing calories, this scheme brings benefits to health, filling the body with useful vitamins and dietary fiber. And this, accordingly, normalization of work of digestive tract, improving the appearance, the structure of the hair and skin. And, of course, a favorite is sometimes (for example, on weekends) to indulge in a favorite dish, otherwise the weight loss will become a torture which sooner or later will want to stop.
  • Mores impetro rid of unwanted libras
  • Refusal of food in the evening, after six o'clock. Nutritionists have come to the conclusion that the extra pounds often appear at the fans to eat before bed. The body in this way of life does not have time to night to burn calories, and this leads to their accumulation and deposition on the waist, abdomen and hips.
  • Drink plenty of water, because it is the first assistant, contributing to weight loss. The recommended daily amount is about 2 liters. The man is 80-90% water, so methods of weight loss with water is an effective, free and effective. Most importantly - before you lose weight at home without dieting, you must first cleanse the body from toxins and drink water in small SIPS. The General rule is the morning consumption of water on an empty stomach.
  • You should change your attitude to salt and to limit its consumption. This substance retains water, and avoiding salty foods will help you to lose 2-3 days about kilogram of excess weight.

Agree with you – possible?

In the decision to lose weight it is important to be able to negotiate with them to understand how to lose weight at home and do not experience negative emotions in such an important process of getting rid of excess. For example, the aroma smells like a bun to leave for Breakfast. Thus, the sense of inaccessibility will be defeated and the desired bun waiting for his moment of glory. But you can try to have a talk. And replace the desired baking for healthier a green Apple or a fresh salad. One comedian even advised: guaranteed to lose weight at home, you need to eat bare and make sure it is in front of the mirror. This is the truth, because in the form of extra pounds appetite somehow decreases.


A recipe for each day

How to lose weight at home woman? Here is an example of simple and effective diet, which is easy enough to sustain. You want to eat 5 times a day at a convenient time.

Breakfast: 1/2 soup bowl of buckwheat porridge, cooked without salt, and a Cup of tea (preferably without sugar);

Second Breakfast: an Apple of medium size and have a glass of water;

Lunch: approximately 250 grams of chicken breast or boiled fish combined with salad of raw cabbage and carrots in vegetable oil;

Snack: a grapefruit and a glass of water or tea (without sugar);

Dinner: 250 grams of cottage cheese (low-fat).

It is a daily and monotonous menus can help for a month to get rid of 8-10 lbs weight.

Fasting day once a week

How to lose weight at home girl? , Weight gain, and the mirror will give her determination. Effective tool in the fight against overweight are fasting days (preferably a variety), which is recommended to arrange once a week.

  • Cheese. 400 grams cottage cheese (low-fat), broken into serving – it will be a daily allowance at such to unload the bottom.
  • Cucumber. In this case the daily menu will consist solely of cucumbers, weighing approximately 1.5 kg. will be For dinner additionally, you can eat 50 grams of boiled meat.
  • Apple. Per day is recommended to eat only apples (about 1.5 kg fresh and oven).
  • Yogurt. Throughout the day you can drink about 2 liters a day of low-fat kefir ( curdled milk).
  • Meat. 350-400 grams of boiled meat, which can be used with vegetables, including, for example, from green peas, cabbage and beets.
  • The prunes. 500 grams of dried soaked prunes with bone.
  • Watermelon. The most enjoyable fasting day, at which five times to pamper yourself with 300 grams of ripe delicious watermelon.
Ieiunium die

Proper nutrition is a necessary component of home weight loss, however, for greater effect it is required to combine with exercise, you can choose from so that they don't wear down, and bring joy.

Movement is minus the pounds

How to lose weight at home? Exercise! Simple, promotes not only effective weight loss but also General health. They can safely be performed in a limited room space two times (morning and evening).

As a pre-warm-up - run in place raising knees as high as possible. It is important to observe the following breathing rhythm: breathe in for three accounts, and exhale – on-one.

A set of basic exercises:

  • Tilts forward. Legs need to put on width apart, hands raised above the head. When bending you need to touch the sock of the left foot with your right hand fingers in and out. You should then return to the starting position. Now the opposite: the fingers of the left hand is required to touch the sock of the right foot.
  • Circular rotation of the torso to the right and to the left, the feet should be placed wider than shoulder width, arms fixed on the belt. During forward bend – inhale, when bending back – exhale. Each way ten times.
  • Sharp lifting over head direct hands – breath. When lowering – exhale simultaneously it is necessary to raise sharply up the right leg; and so alternately twenty times on each leg.
  • Squats. For weight loss hips effective sit-UPS with widely spaced legs, while the hands should be behind your head or on the waist; and back at the same time - video.
  • Rotation of the hands.
  • Raising and lowering of straight legs 10 times in the supine position.
  • Circular rotation of the legs imitation Cycling in the supine position. 20-25 times.
  • Press the swing.
  • Jumping on the spot, while the hands should remain at waist and legs alternately apart and crosswise.

At the end of a set of exercises for weight loss should quietly walk around the room.

corporalis operatio

Halahup and rope – kilograms is not a pity

How to lose weight at home without dieting in a week? The most basic way of losing weight that does not require much effort – rotation halahup (sports hula Hoop for weight loss). Twist it at the waist is required on a daily basis, trying to give this lesson associated with childhood, at least 10 minutes. Many people underestimate the effectiveness halahup, but the results (waist reduction and disappearance of the extra inches) appear in a month.

How to lose weight at home girl? Jumping rope (or through the Hoop) are also fairly effective method of losing weight. In such exercises it is recommended to perform at least 15 minutes, strengthened muscles in the abdomen. Extra pounds burn Hiking, walking preferably about one hour.

Halahup et funem

How to lose weight at home? Reviews wanting to lose weight and managed to achieve the result are different. Everyone has their own methods and secrets. It is important that the person embarked on the path of weight loss, was able to change himself, and with a respect to their surroundings and life in General, enriching it with such concepts as purpose, result and joy! In this condition, the person becomes real, satisfied, confident. Fixed in the mind, it turns food into an unnecessary illusion, which eases the further process of weight loss.