Exercise for good press. The best exercise for the press

By most accounts, the last option at the initial stage of training most appropriate. The specialist will help you choose the best exercises for the abdominal muscles.

The basic rule for success

Most importantly for those who want to purchase beautiful belly, to lose weight? This can be achieved by observing the principles of healthy eating and taking special exercises for weight loss (aerobic exercises in the water, etc.) or doing to the gym in the hall. With the help of such actions is removed excess fat from the sides and belly.

Female physiology

Women are much harder to succeed in to pump up the press, especially its lower part. This is due to the physiological structure of the muscles of the body. Women in the lower part of the stomach is delayed much more fat for gestation during pregnancy, the so-called cubes not stick to my belly constantly. Usually athletes achieve this through diet and high stress for a few weeks before the competition, as well as performing individual, the best set of exercises for the press.

sufflatae press

Those who play sports professionally enough to make the stomach flat and ideal due to the tightening of the muscles. During exercise the important thing is not to feel sorry for yourself, but at the same time not to overwork. You need to choose an individual exercise for good press, which will suit only you.

How to prepare for the lesson?

It is very important not to eat before class. The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before gymnastics, but to do fasting is also impossible. If the person is tight to eat before training, during classes because a full stomach will it is impossible to efficiently perform the exercises, the impact will be weak.

30 minutes before the class you can drink a special energy drink (sports) or a mug of strong tea, preferably green. To gain muscle mass eat a protein bar.

After training is permitted no sooner than 2 hours, the water should also be limited (you can only rinse your mouth).

Ut in area

Definitely need to warm up. The muscles should be maximally warmed up. If in the first place is weight loss, then before you do the exercise for good press, you need aerobics. You can twist a bike, walk on the track or just do an easy run.

How to perform the exercises?

When performing exercises on a press it is important not to hold his hands together at the back of the castle. You just need to get his hands behind his head and fingers touch the earlobes. At the time of the rise of the case should feel tension across your back. Also impossible to reduce the elbows. They must be diluted in hand. If you do not follow these rules, the load during exercise is much reduced.

The classes are usually 3 approach. You can do more, but not less, as it is proven that the exercise for good press with fewer approaches does not bring results, as well as fulfilling a long approach (because of fatigue).

The number of repetitions of an exercise should be at least 10-25 times. Experienced athletes recommend exercise for good press until until it becomes clear that the latest iteration can only be done through willpower.

10 optimus exercitia abs

Training can be carried out every day, but for best results it is important to alternate days with intense training days, when is 1-2 exercises during the main corrective (morning) exercises. Due to such alternate is gentle load on the abdominal muscles, which at the same time does not allow them to relax, always keeping in good shape, but not overloading.

To achieve good results and do not hurt the body, it is important to follow the breath. During weight training – muscle compression -to do a short sharp exhale through the mouth, and the muscle relaxation breathe slowly and deeply with your nose.

10 best exercises for abs for

  1. Lie on the floor, lower arms along the body. Leaning on shoulders and heels, lift body up and due to the compression of the muscles of the abdominals to hold in this position for as long as possible. It is important to ensure that the body remains in a straight position and the most high from the floor.
  2. To dissolve hands in the parties, legs bent at the knees. Raise your pelvis to the maximum from floor. Alternately lift your feet and pull the knee toward your chest then return to starting position.
  3. The arms extended, the right leg straight, left bent at the knee. Put the heel of the left foot on the right knee. Lift your right leg 90 degrees up and slow it down. The same movement is repeated with the left leg.
  4. Lying on the back raise the knees bent legs and pull them to your chest, simultaneously raising your head, shoulders, blades. After bending to straighten up and relax in the initial position. Hands should be behind his head.
  5. Hands behind head, legs bent at the knees and divorced. Bearing on the foot. Lift your right leg and pull the left elbow to the knee, while raising your head, shoulders and scapula. The same repeat with the left leg and right hand.
  6. Lie on your back and cross your legs straight. Direct hands up and make the castle the brushes forward. Let them drop to the floor behind the head. Simultaneously raise arms and legs and move them to the right. Lower. Repeat the exercise to the left.
  7. Raise the straight leg 90 degrees, and then lower it.
  8. To dissolve hands in the parties, legs to raise 90 degrees and a little diluted. At the same time to reduce and move her arms and legs.
  9. Be on all fours. Keep your back straight. Raise bent leg up and then down, trying in this position to get to the chest. To make multiple passes for each leg.
  10. Sit on the buttocks and arms out to the sides. Keeping your back straight, rotate the body to the right and then immediately left.

The best exercises for lower abs are a direct lifting of the feet from a prone position and diverting them to the sides. Repeat these exercises you need to 3 sets, at least 12 repetitions in each direction.

Multifunction exercise

Artes enim melius

The best exercise for the press - "Bicycle". Its implementation starting with 1 minute, gradually increasing the time up to 10-15.

This exercise is also best for weight loss. In this case, it is performed in 2 approaches. Start with 2-3 minutes per day and gradually bring the time up to half an hour. To do it you need at different speeds. First slowly, then gradually pick up the pace, leading to a very fast rotation, then again slow motion, trying at the end to spin "pedal," the highest slow for several minutes.

Tricks for better results

For the greatest effect, you can gradually introduce exercise certain difficulties. It can be exercising with weights, increasing the number of reps or sets, decrease time to rest between sets (every week and then every 2 days to clean for 5 seconds) and a slow reverse movement.

How to make a slowdown?

The slow reverse movement is one of the most effective methods. Need to do an exercise at normal speed, then return to the starting position in a slow tempo. The reset starts with 3-4 seconds and gradually reaches 10. This exercise is quite challenging, so instructors advise them not to abuse it.

Failure to comply with rules techniques gymnastics can tear or pull muscles. This condition is very painful and requires a recovery time that delays the time of exercise.