Delicious smoothies for easy weight loss

To make smoothies from any fruit, fruit and even vegetables, but in order to really benefit, you need to follow some rules of cooking and eating.

The rules and benefits of diet smoothies

Smoothie diet involves consumption of low calorie beverages instead of regular meals. As a rule, it fails to lose 3 to 6 kg, depending on its duration. Rules to be observed with this method of losing weight is quite simple, at the same time, the health benefits are significantly significant.

The pros of the diet

Smoothies for weight loss fit the best way. The positive qualities of this drink give it a liquid consistency and rich in nutrients composition. It is easily absorbed, contains few calories and has a number of advantages over traditional dietary products.

The positive qualities of the smoothie diet:

Delectamentum smoothies facile pondus damnum
  • good tolerability;
  • a wide range of products;
  • rich in nutrients diet;
  • a high degree of absorption of the products;
  • health;
  • cleansing the body of toxins;
  • good indicators of weight reduction within a short period of time;
  • the lack of stress to the body;
  • long-term effect.

It is worth to mention another positive quality smoothie diet – she develops the habit to eat properly. Small portions of cocktail stretch the stomach, and over time the body gets used to be content with a small amount of food. In addition, a person accustomed to include in your daily diet of fresh vegetables, berries and fruits, which include essential health matter.

Tip! Before "sit" on a diet of smoothies you need to consult a doctor to see whether you have contraindications.

The rules of cooking and eating diet smoothies

Fragum celeritates sursum humorum promovet et pondus damnum

Not always and not all the smoothies promote weight loss. This drink has a liquid consistency and it may be tempting to drink it in one gulp. However, in this case, the saturation signal from the stomach to the brain will arrive late, and the feeling of hunger will make you eat anything else, and this will lead to overeating. There are other nuances smoothie diets. For example, some fruits have a high caloric content, and, therefore, the drinks with their participation also can not enjoy the right to be called "light".

So, how to prepare smoothies for weight loss and how to use them? The result was not long in coming, and the pounds began to disappear permanently, you must follow these rules:

  1. Use for smoothies only low-calorie foods.
  2. Smoothies it is better to eat slowly, a small spoon, then the feeling of fullness will come in time.
  3. Eliminate sugar, or to significantly reduce its quantity.
  4. Eat every 2 hours, and in between drink only water or green tea.
  5. Dairy products should not contain more than 1% fat.
  6. Coffee, fatty meats, smoked meats, cheese, pickles, alcohol should not be consumed, while not a strict diet you can include in your diet cereals, low-fat soups.

If you have decided on a smoothie diet, you need to execute another rule that will ensure a smooth transition to the new diet and relieve the body from stress. You need to prepare for, namely to perform the following steps:

  • a day or two to cut your diet by reducing the amount of food;
  • drink at least 2 liters of water;
  • to eat more vegetables and fruits;
  • eat often but in small portions.

These simple rules will lead to a guaranteed result and help to lose weight. In conclusion, we give some smoothie recipes for weight loss.

Venuste et viridi cum grapefruit tea
Important! Diet smoothies is contraindicated in pregnant women and during breastfeeding. You can't lose weight with it in some diseases of the stomach, liver and kidneys.

Berry-fruit smoothie

Most familiar to the Russian people are a berry-fruit smoothie. Drink recipes for weight loss can consist of some kinds of fruits, or combine several of them. It is possible to dream, to add something of their own or replace some products. If you have fresh berries or fruit – well, if we get them problematic, that is fine frozen.

Strawberry-banana smoothie

Banana has high calories, so drink with his participation a great substitute for Breakfast or dinner.


  • a glass of strawberry;
  • a half of a banana;
  • a Cup of yogurt with zero fat content;
  • low-fat cottage cheese – 1 tbsp. spoon;
  • ice.

For making strawberry-banana smoothies for weight loss first in the blender crushed the berries with a banana. Then the resulting mass pour the yogurt and whisk. Curd and crushed ice 2-3 cubes, add at the end of cooking. If desired, the yogurt can be replaced with low-fat yogurt. If you use frozen strawberries, the ice do not have to put.

Banana-Apple smoothie

Banana goes well with Apple, besides the ingredients for this drink are available at any time of the year.

You will need:

  • banana;
  • Apple;
  • orange juice – 100 ml;
  • yogurt – 200 g;
  • 2 ice cubes.
Vegetabilis smoothies humili calorie contentus

Sliced banana and Apple pre-shredded in a blender. Then add juice, yogurt and whisk. Ice put in the glasses before serving.

Tip! Banana before chopping it is best to take a little in the fridge, then a smoothie will turn out lush and smooth.
Citrus smoothies

Citrus fruits high in vitamin C, which accelerates metabolism and promotes weight loss. To prepare this drink you need the following products:

  • grapefruit;
  • orange;
  • lemon — ½;
  • Apple;
  • banana — ½;
  • 2 ice cubes.

Pre-prepare the ingredients. Grapefruit, orange, lemon peel, divided into slices, remove seeds. Apple, banana cleaned, cut into slices. Put all in blender and whip. Separately crushed ice. It is added to the glasses just before use.

Vegetable smoothies

The most healthy smoothies for weight loss – this vegetable cocktails. They contain a lot of vitamins, minerals. In addition, these drinks are very low calorie. Fiber, which is always present in vegetable smoothies, cleanses the body and increases intestinal peristalsis. And it helps to get rid of constipation, which is not uncommon when dieting.

Smoothie Vegetable

This smoothie contains only 85 kcal per 100 ml drink. For its preparation you will need:

  • medium size cucumber;
  • green onion stalk;
  • green sweet pepper;
  • lemon juice – 1 teaspoon;
  • ginger root – one-third teaspoon;
  • "Borjomi" — 100 ml.

Previously cucumber peeled and cut into slices. Pepper cut into pieces, freed from the seeds. Onions finely crumble with a knife. All ingredients except mineral water "Borjomi", put in the blender and pulverized. At the end add mineral water, whisk for a few seconds. Drink you can decorate the feather bow, the share of cucumber.

Of broccoli

Broccoli contains a lot of nutrients and ideal for vegetable smoothies.

Necessary ingredients:

  • boiled broccoli – 150 g;
  • fat-free yogurt – 1 Cup;
  • greens.

First shredded cabbage, then add finely chop the herbs, yogurt and whisk thoroughly. Yogurt can replace buttermilk. To use this drink should be warm.

Tomato and celery

Smoothie of celery for weight loss is suitable as not one other drink. It contains a very small amount of calories, at the same time, perfectly nourishes and eliminates the feeling of hunger. In order to prepare it, you will need the following products:

  • tomato;
  • 2 carrots
  • beets;
  • celery – 2 PCs

Pre-prepare vegetables. Tomato scalded with boiling water off his skin. Beets rubbed on a grater, squeeze out the juice. Carrots shredded in a blender. Celery finely cut with a knife. Then put all the ingredients in a blender and whip.

Cleansing smoothie

No matter how we try to eat right, our bodies are still deposited unnecessary harmful substances. They poison us, hinder the normal metabolism, worsen health and health. What should I do? How to get rid of them? The answer is simple – you need to include in your diet green smoothies. We present to your attention the best smoothie recipes for cleansing the body.

Smoothies "Fresh"

Spinach, which is included in this drink, has excellent cleansing properties. Besides, it is rich in vitamins and minerals.

Viridis smoothies munda corpus toxins, auxilium vobis amittere pondus


  • spinach – bunch;
  • kiwi;
  • a half of a banana.

Kiwi and banana peel, cut into slices. Crumble the spinach finely with a knife. Put all in blender and whip. The cocktail is diluted with water to the desired consistency, garnish with half slices of kiwi.


Perfectly cleanses the body and promotes weight loss smoothies of garlic, carrots, radishes, parsley. For its preparation you will need:

  • carrots – 3 PCs.;
  • beets;
  • radishes;
  • garlic – 2 cloves;
  • a bunch of parsley.

Carrots and beets peeled, cut into cubes. Garlic, parsley finely chop with a knife. Then put all the ingredients in a blender and whisk for a few seconds.